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Nathalie   Mather-L'Huillier MPhil, PhD

Director, Scholarships and International Affairs

Dr. Mather-L’Huillier has worked in international higher education for nearly 10 years, having worked in academic research, graduate education policy, business development management, international education, partnership development and student recruitment. Dr. Mather-L’Huillier was recently Director of Teaching & Learning and previously held the position of Postgraduate and Research Administrator at RUSVM. In 2013-2014, she supported the accreditation process resulting in RUSVM’s full accreditation by the AVMA with no compliance issues, working with senior colleagues and faculty.

In her current role, Dr. Mather-L’Huillier acts as the key point of contact for scholarships, working towards making veterinary school as affordable as possible for our students as well as promoting career opportunities to our students and recent graduates. Dr. Mather-L’Huillier reports directly to the Dean and works alongside the Clinical Affairs and Professional Opportunities team as well as the Alumni Affairs team. She also works with Dr. Fuentealba, Executive Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, on international affairs as well as continuing to be the primary administrator for all accreditation reporting.


BSc Toxicology, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
MPhil University of Nottingham, UK
PhD University of Edinburgh, UK
(pending) Diploma in Translation (English-French), City University, UK


Ron Taylor Award (2015)
European Union Marie Curie Fellowship (2004)
Wellcome Trust Prize PhD Studentship (2003)
BSc Toxicology Class medal (1999; Edinburgh Napier University, UK)


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L'Huillier, N., Pratten, M.K., Clothier, R.H. (2002). The relative embryotoxicity of 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol on primary chick embryonic cells. Toxicology In Vitro. Aug;16(4):433-42.
L’Huillier, N. (2001). In vitro approaches to developmental toxicity testing, MPhil thesis.