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Bimal   Jana PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Area of research

Discovery solutions to fight against antimicrobial resistance

Present research interest

Dr. Jana’s research interest is the development of innovative research approaches taking advantages of scientific knowledge and technological advancement to find novel solutions to the antimicrobial resistance problem. These approaches include: Development of multi-disciplinary synthetic biology platform to produce novel biomolecule through synthetic evolution of antibiotic producing bacteria exploiting natural resources of metagenome library, Activation of cryptic gene clusters in actinomycetes through artificial competition between different antimicrobial producers to trigger induction of new antibiotics, Genome-scale gene-phenotypic profiling to illustrate antimicrobial resistance and susceptibility mechanisms and to identify novel antimicrobial helper drug target.

Research and educational background

Dr. Jana’s present interest is based upon his postdoctoral research experience in molecular microbiology to elucidate the mechanism of TonB dependent energy transduction from inner to outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria and on doctoral research regarding mechanisms of bacterial stress response. His MSc in Bio-chemistry and BSc in Chemistry are the educational foundation of his research carrier.