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Meet Our Leadership


Associate Deans

Juan Samper, DVM, MSC, PHD

Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs and Professional Opportunities

Charles Wallace, DVM, MS, DIP, ACVS

Associate Dean, Student and Alumni Affairs, Professor of Large Animal Medicine and Surgery

A. Lee Willingham, BSC, DVM, PHD

Associate Dean, Research and Postgraduate Studies, Director of One Health Center for Zoonoses and Tropical Veterinary Medicine

Department Heads

Don Bergfelt, PhD

Department Head, Biomedical Sciences,


Department Head, Clinical Sciences

Academic Department Heads

Darryn Knobel, BVSC, MSC, MRCVS, PHD

Director, Center for Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health

Felix Toka, DVM, PhD, DSc, DACVM

Associate Professor of Veterinary Virology, Director, Center for Integrative Mammalian Research

Dean's Leadership Team

Felix Alejandro

Director, Human Resources

Harut Avsaroglu, DVM, PhD, DipECLAM

Director, Animal Resources

James Fairs, BVSC, MRCVS

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Ross University Veterinary Clinic

Ray Francis

Campus Administrator

Matthew Haga, BA

Director, Information Technology

Sara Kaufman

Manager, Communications

Veron Lake

Director, Civic Affairs and Security Projects

Dr. Nathalie Mather-L'Huillier, MPHIL, PHD

Director, Scholarships and International Affairs

Fidel O’Flaherty

Senior Manager, Facilities

Hazarie Ramoutar, BSC

Director, Student Experience

Adélé Stowe

Senior Financial Analyst

Student Leadership Team

Jennifer Bradtke, PsyD

Director, Counseling Center

Grace Carr Benjamin, MLIS

Director, Library Services

Roxanne Schreiber, Ph.D

Manager, Student Success Centre

Adele Straun

Manager, Student Success Centre

Daniella Hickling

University Registrar