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Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine's vision is to lead veterinary training worldwide by creating an exemplary veterinary program, uniquely designed to graduate today’s practice-ready veterinarians and tomorrow’s leaders and discoverers.

The strategic plan supports refreshing the organizational hierarchy to reflect best practice at our benchmark veterinary schools, having clear governance, structure and management in all parts of RUSVM, and yet, through making strategic new appointments, retaining the business focus, agility and appetite for success of a private sector institution. There are two key elements: immediate needs—first, developing RUSVM to maintain full American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accreditation without substantial compliance issues – and second, driving RUSVM to a new level, above and beyond accreditation.


RUSVM has developed this strategic vision and plan with input from faculty, staff and students through focus groups, surveys and strategy sessions. All faculty and staff, including clinical program leaders and the Dean’s Council, had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the plan. Students provided input through semester meetings with the dean and focus groups with leaders of student government. In addition, both preclinical and clinical students participated by completing a twelve-question survey, with an overall response rate of 64.5%.


To make RUSVM the first choice for the best potential students, whatever their background, through the success and reputation of our graduates.

Immediate Needs

AVMA accreditation requirements: address compliance issues

  •  Postgraduate programs and evidence of research outputs
  •  Outcomes assessment for the clinical year and beyond
  •  Reduce attrition

Next Steps

(defined in order of strategic organizational priority)

1. Grow the institution through reputation, by differentiating our graduates and program, and by branding, and marketing.

  • Produce “practice-ready graduates” – Make RUSVM the first choice for students by differentiating RUSVM from other schools.                    
  • Develop admissions processes – Develop and utilize both RUSVM and other academic best-practices as predictors for successful students.
  • Increase total student numbers via reduced attrition and an increased number of programs, with reduced attrition resulting from an increase in the quantity of high-quality student applicants, resulting in an increased completion rate. This will increase the total student number throughout the entire academic program. Development of a suite of Masters and postgraduate programs will also increase total student numbers.
  • Internationalize – Initiate Masters programs, recruiting and selecting globally for the veterinary program, and offering clinical/professional training to overseas students or veterinarians who meet defined quality standards.

2. Attract, develop and retain excellent faculty who will come to RUSVM because they believe in its reputation and mission. Provide for career development in teaching and/or research to produce academics who are sought-after within the international veterinary community.

3. Develop an international research program, focused on RUSVM’s geographical positioning in the Caribbean, generating research income for sustainability and growth, and educating students in a “research-rich” environment.

4. Provide quality facilities and support services in alignment with the teaching, research and student life vision of the school by providing adequate infrastructure through the Campus Master Plan. Attract, develop and retain quality staff, support technological advancements in teaching, improve operational efficiency, and secure the campus and the RUSVM community through strategic local partnerships.

5. Enhance quality of the student experience through improved healthcare, appropriate professional accreditations, and additional campus housing.

6. Cultivate collaborations throughout DeVry Medical International (DMI) and DeVry Education Group to leverage “One Health” interactions with the Medical Schools, and develop value-driven educational opportunities for students, including business and management training, and online education.

7. Cultivate and engage RUSVM’s alumni and friends as our greatest champions and ambassadors as we seek to realize our aspirations.

8. Build RUSVM’s profile with the media, policy-makers, thought leaders and influencers to increase the impact of RUSVM in shaping the future of the veterinary profession.