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How to Apply

Ready to start your veterinary education? Apply today and let your passion for animal health lead you to a world of possibilities.

The Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Committee reviews veterinary school applications throughout the year and accepts students for our January, May, and September classes.

  • The DVM application process
    The DVM application process includes the following:

    1. Review RUSVM’s admissions criteria, and make sure all prerequisite courses have been fulfilled
    2. Take the GRE, if you haven't already. Once completed, have your scores released to RUSVM directly using institution code 2639 through the Education Testing Service at www.ets.org.
    3. Submit completed application:
      —Email your completed VMCAS application to our admissions team, or
      Complete our online application
    4. Send all supplemental documents to:

    Note: If you are applying through VMCAS, you are not required to submit our online application. We will retrieve your application and all documents through VMCAS.  Please be sure to submit your GRE scores to RUSVM directly using institution code 2639 through the Education Testing Service at www.ets.org.


    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
    Office of Admissions
    485 US Highway 1 South
    Building B, 4th Floor
    Iselin, NJ 08830


    For any questions, please contact our admissions team.

Planning on starting this September?

Start early and finish even earlier!

Our September class fills up quickly, and many applicants are waitlisted until January, so if you're ready to start your DVM, consider applying for May. Our admissions team will help you with all the logistics—from knowing what to pack, to booking your flight, to finding housing—and to answer any other questions you may have about starting early.

Curious about the benefits of May?

  • Start early, finish earlier: Start a semester early this may, and you could be practice-ready by August of 2020—9 months earlier than other AVMA-accredited schools in the US.
  • While the September class fills up early, the May class is usually smaller, and allows more time for individual attention with instructors.
  • Don't wait longer than you have to—by waiting for the September class, you could risk being waitlisted for January, and while the January class provides some of the same benefits as May, you'll be starting—and finishing—7 months later than May.

Note: If you are interested in the postgraduate MSc or PhD programs, send an email to postgrad@rossvet.edu.kn.

Important Dates

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May 25 Webinar: Preparing for VMCAS
June 03 Toronto Information Seminar
September 04 Fall Semester Starts