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9 Ways to Beat Exam Stress

It’s exam season at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and we thought we’d share some tips to help you conquer exam stress. We know that exams, and even preparing for exams can be challenging, so read on for helpful tips and tricks from the RUSVM Student Success Center.

1. Study correctly and work ahead of time

Plan ahead and create a schedule of how you will get through all the exam content in time.  Unsure of how to do that? Contact the SSC staff to discuss time management strategies that work for you individually.

2. Practice positive affirmation.

As you practice your recall, praise yourself on content you know and understand!  Practice positive self-talk as you study to increase your confidence in your knowledge base so you’ll second guess yourself less on test questions.  Work with SSC staff to discuss ways to test your knowledge and practice your positive affirmation.  

3. Fuel your body

Eat good food and drink plenty of water!  Fatigue and the inability to concentrate are symptoms of mild dehydration.  

4. Sleep

Sleep deprivation is real and the effects are quick to be noticed.  Less sleep leads to higher cortisol levels (ahem stress) which impairs creation of new brain cells.   

5. Recharge your soul!

Find healthy ways to de-stress!  Build these recharging times into your ongoing routine and schedule so you won’t feel guilty about taking much needed ‘me’ time.  

6. Mindfulness.

Attend Anne Callanan’ Mindfulness sessions. 

Quick breathing technique: “4-7-8” Inhale for 4 seconds, hold it for 7, exhale for 8 seconds.  This technique forces rapid shallow chest breathing to a deeper, calmer belly breath.  

7. Evaluation and modification.

Not every exam will go the way you’d like.  Evaluate how you studied, what result you received, and what you’ll do different to achieve your more desired result.  Reach out to TAs, Tutors, Faculty and SSC staff if you’re not sure how you can change your studying.  The same actions tend to produce the same results.

8. Practice gratitude.

Everyday find 3 things you are grateful for in your life.  Positivity breeds positivity.

9. Recognize your bucket level.

You get one bucket in life and everything gets dumped into it – family stress, car issues, computer issues, school stress. Be aware of your bucket level and reach out to appropriate people as needed.   

Tips brought to you by the RUSVM Student Success Center. RUSVM students can reach out to the SSC for individual study strategy appointments, academic coaching and study skills workshops.  Campus Extension 401-1255 or StudentSuccessCenter@rossvet.edu.kn

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