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PhD Degree

The Doctoral degree is based on supervised research over a period of three years full-time. Progress monitoring is conducted throughout the study period and the student will be asked to demonstrate satisfactory progress at set milestones.

Research supervisors will submit a yearly progress report to the Postgraduate and Research Committee on the work of the candidate. Information to be provided in the progress report will include advancement of the research, development of discipline specific research skills and progress in expected outcomes (eg manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals).

The candidate must have demonstrated the capacity to pursue original research in the field of study and to present the results in a critical and scholarly way. The doctoral dissertation must be an original work making a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding of the field of study, such that it is worthy of presentation in peer reviewed publications.

The award of a PhD is determined on the basis of a submitted thesis, not exceeding 100,000 words, and an externally-assessed oral examination.

Doctoral (PhD) Degree Program

Applications accepted throughout the year—open enrollment

Admission is open to students with a professional veterinary or medical qualification, bachelor’s degree or international equivalent in the biological sciences. Based on the research content of the applicant’s professional qualification or first degree, a Masters degree may be required. Additionally, students may be required to enroll in a Masters of Science by Research degree program for a probationary period before converting to the PhD degree program. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their educational performance to date and their ability to demonstrate a sustained interest in research.

Due to the importance of written and spoken skills to successfully undertake this degree program, a high-level of English proficiency is required and applicants whose native language is not English will be asked to provide evidence of proficiency through test scores and/or education/professional experience in the medium of English.

How to apply

Prospective candidates for postgraduate research degree programs are invited to direct initial inquiries to postgrad@rossvet.edu.kn. Applicants may approach prospective supervisors to discuss their research aspirations and interests.

What happens next?

Applications are by invitation and will be reviewed in-line with our entry requirements and research expertise. If shortlisted on the basis of their application and supporting documentation, applicants will be asked to attend an interview by Skype™ or video-conference. Appointed candidates will then be issued a letter of offer which sets out the conditions of their degree and a mutually agreeable start date will be arranged. Offers must be accepted to finalize enrollment.

RUSVM will assist students pre-arrival with onboarding such as visa requirements and accommodations. Students should not make visa or travel arrangements until they have been contacted by a RUSVM representative.