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Elpida   Artemiou BSc, MSc, PhD, AFAMEE

Associate Professor of Clinical Communication, Director, Center for Research and Innovation in Veterinary and Medical Education


Dr. Artemiou began her professional career at RUSVM in counseling and continued to teach communication and professional skills upon completing her PhD in Medical Education with an emphasis on clinical communication, simulation-based teaching and learning and outcome assessments. Dr. Artemiou has focused her career in incorporating blended learning in the classroom. She has also developed and implemented outcome assessments to evaluate students’ communication competence and established the role of simulated clients as raters.

Her interests further encompass a variety of areas relevant to veterinary medical education including workplace learning and assessment, leadership development, diversity programs, human-animal interactions, the principles of relational coordination in academia and practice, and the One Health approach. Through her many roles at RUSVM, Dr. Artemiou encourages a culture of personal wellness and mindful, reflective daily practice. Dr. Artemiou is passionate about human-animal interactions and improving quality of life for both animals and humans.  




BSC Chemistry and Biological Sciences, McGill University

MSC Genetic Counselling, McGill University

PHD Medical Education, International Graduate Medical Education; University Ambrosiana



Medical Education

Clinical Communication

Human Animal Bond



Associate Fellow of the International Association for Medical Education (AFAMEE) 2017

Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, 2015

Ron Taylor Award, DeVry University, 2014

PRIDE, Ross University, 2008

Student Government Recognition Award, RUSVM, 2007

Great Distinction Award, McGill University, 1999

G. Stafford Whitby Award in Polymer Chemistry, McGill University, 1999


Publication Highlights


Artemiou E, Adams L.C. Leading a Clinical Communication Program in a Remote Setting: Practical Considerations from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, St. Kitts. AMEE MedEdPublish, 2017; doi https://doi.org/10.15694/mep.2017.000031.

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Mauldin Pereira M, Artemiou E, McConigle D, Conan A, Sithole F, Yvorchuk-St Jean K. Utilizing the Virtual World of Second Life in Veterinary Medicine: Student and Faculty Perceptions. Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education.

Betance L, Porter S, Conan A, Artemiou E. The perception of veterinary students and faculty on the use of a novel bandage limb model for the purpose of training. Journal of Animal Research and Technology, 2016;31-37.

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Artemiou E, Hecker K , Adams CL, Coe JB. Does a Rater’s Professional Background Influence Communication Skills Assessment? 2015. In press: Journal of Veterinary Medical Education.


Current Projects

Artemiou E., Weronko T, Pereira M, Bradtke J, Gilbert G. Pilot Study: Exploring the introduction of a pet therapy program for RUSVM veterinary students.

Maudlin M, Artemiou E, De Pedro P, Adams C, Gilbert G. Assessment of Clinical Communication Skills Delivered in Rural Equine Wellness Examinations.

Artemiou E., Fuentealba C, Gilbert G, Greenhill L, Climate Study.

Artemiou E, Koster L, Sithole F. Effects of classical music on reducing environmental stress in dogs as well as in veterinary students while improving cognitive and spatial ability during training - a pilot study.