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Luis   Cruz-Martinez DVM, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Luis Cruz-Martinez graduated from veterinary school in Costa Rica wanting to work with wildlife and conservation. Pursuing this goal, he completed a 2-yr clinical internship and a 3-yr clinical residency at The Raptor Center of the University of Minnesota. Concurrently, he studied for an MSc at the University of Minnesota focused on zoonotic diseases and conservation biology.Dr. Luis then continued towards a PhD at the University of Calgary on wildlife ecotoxicology and ecosystem health. In his current position, his teaching focuses on wildlife medicine (avian species primarily) and case-based studies. The research question he’s most passionate is: how to motivate people to change (influence human behavior) for sustainability and conservation?


Unviersidad Nacional de Costa Rica (DVM)

University of Minnesota (MSc.)

University of Minnesota (Internship and Residency)

University of Calgary (PhD)


Conservation medicine & invasive species – Mongoose control in St. Kitts

Influence human behavior for sustainability and conservation

Human and wildlife conflict

Social dimensions of conservation

Conservation Medicine


Best Student Presentation. I Worldwide Raptor Conference, Argentina, 2013.

Best Student Presentation. Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society, Canada, 2013.

Top-Flight-Conference Award. University of Calgary, Canada, 2013.

James R. Koplin Award. Raptor Research Foundation, Argentina, 2013.

Best Student Presentation. Research Day, University of Calgary, Canada, 2012.

International Travel Award.  University of Calgary, Canada, 2012.

University Research Grant. University of Calgary, Canada, 2011.

Best Student Presentation. Wildlife Disease Association Conference, USA, 2009.

Graduate Travel Award. University of Minnesota, USA, 2009.

Graduate and Professional Student Association Award. University of Minnesota, USA, 2009.


Publication Highlights

Cruz-Martinez, L, Grund, MD, Redig, PT. (2015). Quantitative Assessment of Bullet Fragments in Viscera of Sheep Carcasses As Surrogates for White-tailed Deer. Human-Wildlife Interactions Journal. Accepted.

Cruz-Martinez, L., Fernie, K. J., Soos, C., Harner, T., Getachew, F., & Smits, J. E. (2015). Detoxification, endocrine, and immune responses of tree swallow nestlings naturally exposed to air contaminants from the Alberta oil sands. Science Of The Total Environment, 5028-15.

Cruz-Martinez, L., Smits, J. E., & Fernie, K. (2015). Stress response, biotransformation effort, and immunotoxicity in captive birds exposed to inhaled benzene, toluene, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Ecotoxicology And Environmental Safety, 112223-230.

Cruz-Martinez, L., Redig, P.T. and Deen, J. 2012. Lead from spent ammunition: a source of exposure and poisoning in bald eagles. Human-Wildlife Interactions. 6(1): p. 94-104.

Wunschmann, A., D. Rejmanek, P. A. Conrad, N. Hall, L. Cruz-Martinez, S. B. Vaughn, and B. C. Barr. 2010. Natural fatal Sarcocystis falcatula infections in free-ranging eagles in North America. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 22:282-289.

Wunschmann, A., Rejmanek, D., Cruz-Martinez, L., and Barr, B.C. 2009. Sarcocystis falcatula-associated encephalitis in a free-ranging Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus). Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. 21(2):283-7.

Willette, M., Ponder, J., Cruz-Martinez, L., Arent, L., Padilla, I. B., de Francisco, O. and Redig, P.T. 2009. Management of select bacterial and parasitic conditions of raptors. The Veterinary Clinics of North America. Exotic Animal Practice 12:491.

Pauli, A. M., Cruz-Martinez, L., Ponder, J. B., Redig, P. T., Glaser, A. L., Klauss, G., Schoster, J. V. and Wunschmann, A. 2007. Ophthalmologic and oculopathologic findings in red-tailed hawks and Cooper's hawks with naturally acquired West Nile virus infection. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 231:1240-1248.

Beaufrere, H., Cruz-Martinez, L. and Redig, P. T. 2007. Diagnostic Challenge. Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine 16:55-57.

Wünschmann, A, Armién, AG, Khatri, M, Cruz-Martinez, L, Willette, M, Glaser, A, Redig, PT. Submitted. Ocular lesions in red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) with naturally acquired West Nile disease. Veterinary Pathology.

Current Projects

Assessment of reproductive biology, zoonotic potential and social dimensions for mongoose control in St. Kitts