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Weather Alert - Hurricane Beryl

Get up-to-date information on Hurricane Beryl and any impact to RUSVM's St. Kitts campus operations.

***Posted 2:45 p.m. AST July 7, 2018

There have been no significant changes to Hurricane Beryl, currently a Category 1 hurricane, as of the 5:00 a.m. weather update. Beryl is now expected to pass slightly further south of St. Kitts than previously forecasted. Beryl while still a hurricane, has weakened slightly, now with sustained winds near 75 mph. This could mean high winds, rain and thunderstorm activity in St. Kitts Sunday and Monday.

The Campus Response Team will continue to monitor this system and follow our procedures to prepare the campus in the event of serious weather. At this time, all campus activities remain scheduled as planned.

Campus updates will be as follows:

  • Saturday 6 p.m. Update will provide information on shelter requirements (if needed) on campus
  • Sunday 6 a.m. General Weather Update
  • Sunday 6 p.m. Update will indicate the status of campus operations, including campus closure

Please continue to monitor your email for updates, and refer to the Hurricane Preparedness information available on the RUSVM website to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a serious weather event. Should storm conditions intensify or warrant further updates, RUSVM will notify the campus community by email, SIREN message, Twitter updates(https://twitter.com/RossVetSchool) and posts on the RUSVM Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RossVetSchool). Please keep your SIREN information current.