On-Demand: Exotics & Pocket Pet Exam Workshop

On-Demand Webinar | Duration: 1 Hour

What do a snake, a rabbit, and a chinchilla have in common? They’ll all be examined by Ross Vet Alumnus, Dr. Mark Salemi, in this on-demand virtual workshop! Experience a day in the life of a mixed animal veterinarian, and learn the basics of conducting a routine exam on a variety of species.

Watch this on-demand workshop for the opportunity to:

  • Learn to check the vital signs of a snake, rabbit, and chinchilla
  • Identify commonly seen illnesses and issues in exotic and pocket pets
  • See how to properly handle a snake during a medical exam
  • Bonus: Examine real-life exotics surgical cases treated by Dr. Salemi at his practice

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About Our Host

Dr. Salemi

Dr. Mark Salemi graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine after earning his degree in biology from St. John’s University in Queens, New York. At Ross Vet, his training included large animal medicine and surgery at England’s University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Medicine, and small animal medicine and surgery at Canada’s University of Guelph Veterinary School. He additionally held a preceptorship with the New York State Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo prior to his graduation in 1987.

Dr. Salemi is the owner and partner of Northside Animal Hospital, specializing in wild, zoo, and exotic animals and served as one of the staff veterinarians at the Staten Island Zoo for over 10 years. Northside also maintains a close working relationship with the New York City Parks Department, caring for injured wildlife and the New York City Board of Health.

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