Non-Traditional Pathways to Vet School

On-Demand Webinar | Duration: 1 hour

Not every vet student’s journey is the same. In fact, many of our students have taken alternative “non-traditional” paths towards pursuing careers in veterinary medicine. From career changers, to those who have taken one (or several) gap years, Ross Vet students come from a variety of backgrounds. The one thing they have in common? The dream of becoming a veterinarian.

If you share this dream, it’s not too late. Watch our on-demand session for your chance to:

  • Dive into the various non-traditional pathways towards becoming a DVM
  • Learn about vet students’ motivations for making career changes
  • Review the pre-requisites needed as you prepare to complete an application

You’ll even have a chance to hear a first-hand account of the vet school experience from a current 7th semester Rossie who started her journey as a non-traditional applicant.

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