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The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree is awarded upon successful completion of the Preclinical Curriculum and the Clinical Training Curriculum.

  • The Preclinical Curriculum consists of 127 semester credit hours of specifically prescribed course work. A credit hour for the Ross Vet Pre-clinical Curriculum is equal to one hour of instructional time and two hours of supplementary time. During the Clinical Training Curriculum, one credit hour equals one week of instructional time.
  • The Clinical Curriculum consists of three semesters of clinical training at an AVMA-accredited school of veterinary medicine in the US, Canada, Ireland or Australia that is affiliated with RUSVM. Students should complete the curriculum in 10 semesters.
  • The first seven semesters are at Ross Vet's St. Kitts campus. The last three semesters are completed at an AVMA-accredited school or college of veterinary medicine.
  • Ross Vet also offers a one semester Vet Prep program for students who may benefit from specific courses that will enhance the likelihood of their success in veterinary school.

Ross Vet curriculum

Find out more about our preclinical curriculum, and clinical curriculum.

See our Academic Catalog for courses and course information.

For admissions requirements Office of Admissions at vetadmissions@rossu.edu or call: 855-ROSSVET (855-767-7838) for any questions. Our admissions advisors will be happy to help you.


Required Courses

  • Courses & Course Directors

    Semester Course No. Course Title Course Director
    One VMI 5102 Veterinary Professional Foundations I Dr. Elpida Artemiou
    One VMI 5112 Essential Veterinary Skills A Dr. Stacy Tela
    One VMS 5111 Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology Dr. Pompei Bolfa
    One VMA 5113 Gross Anatomy I Dr. Irina Irimescu
    One VMA 5114 Principles of Infectious Diseases Dr. Patrick Butaye
    One VPP 5123 Physiology I Dr. Aline Vieira
    One VMR 5132 Principles of Veterinary Research Dr. A. Lee Willingham
    Semester Course No. Course Title Course Director
    Two VMI 5212 Essential Veterinary Skills B Dr. Mary Mauldin Pereira
    Two VMA 5216 Gross Anatomy II Dr. Glenn Wakley
    Two VPP 5223 Physiology II Dr. Jose Godoy
    Two VMP 5253 Immunology Dr. Nino-Fong
    Two VMP 5265 Parasitology Dr. Jennifer Ketzis
    Two VMP 5252 Case-Based Studies I Dr. Chaoqun Yao
    Semester Course No. Course Title Course Director
    Three VMI 5312 Essential Veterinary Skills C Dr. Elpida Artemiou
    Three VPP 5332 Pharmacology I Dr. Melissa Bucknoff
    Three VPA 5341 Pathology I Dr. Michelle Dennis
    Three VMP 5351 Bacteriology and Mycology Dr. Sreekumari Rajeev
    Three VPP 5355 Virology Dr. Souvik Ghosh
    Three VPP 5352 Case-Based Studies II Dr. Nino-Fong
    Semester Course No. Course Title Course Director
    Four VMI 5412 Essential Veterinary Skills D Dr. Erik Peterson
    Four VMP 5452 Case-Based Studies III Dr. Saundra Sample
    Four VPA 5443 Pathology II Dr. Oscar Illanes
    Four VPA 5448 Clinical Pathology Dr. Mary Anna Thrall
    Four VPP 5431 Applied Animal Nutrition Dr. Roger Hancock
    Four VMS 5475 Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology Dr. Fortune Sithole
    Semester Course No. Course Title Course Director
    Five VMI 5512 Essential Veterinary Skills E Dr. Kathy Yvorchuk-St. Jean
    Five VPP 5538 Toxicology Dr. Ibrahim Shokry
    Five VMP 5552 Case-Based Studies IV Dr. Luis Cruz-Martinez
    Five VMS 5573 Diagnostic Imaging Dr. Wencke du Plessis
    Five VMS 5577 Anesthesiology Dr. Jill Maney
    Five VMS 5585 Small Animal Medicine I Dr. Patrick Kelly
    Course No. Course Title Course Director
    Six VMS 5698 Special Species Medicine Dr. Luis Cruz-Martinez
    Six VMS 5649 Small Animal Surgery Dr. Eric Pope
    Six VMS 5650 Surgery Laboratory I Dr. Larry Betance
    Six VMS 5687 Small Animal Medicine II Dr. Jevan Christie
    Six VMS 5690 Large Animal Medicine I
    Dr. Kathy Yvorchuk-St. Jean
    Six VMS 5612 Essential Veterinary Skills F
    Dr. Kathy Yvorchuk
    Course No. Course Title Course Director
    Seven VMS 5775 Theriogenology Dr. Hilari French
    Seven VMS 5783 Introduction to Clinics Dr. Larry Betance
    Seven VMS 5793 Large Animal Medicine II Dr. Hilari French
    Seven VMS 5795 Large Animal Surgery
    Dr. Erika Little
    Seven VMS 5796 Surgery Laboratory II Dr. Erika Little
    Seven VMI 5704 Veterinary Professional Foundations II Dr. Elpida Artemiou
    Seven VMI 5701 Licensing Examination Preparation Dr. Erik Peterson

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    At the Ross Veterinary Clinic

    Students can get clinical experience during coursework by volunteering at the clinic

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