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Ninian Cameron-Blake
Veterinary Clinical Instructor

Meet Dr. Ninian Cameron-Blake, Veterinary Clinical Instructor at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Born in a rural community of the southwest of the Dominican Republic and raised among teachers in a large and noisy family with a cat and a pig as her

Sarah Cavanaugh
Assistant Professor & Cardiologist, Small Animal Medicine Skills Program Coordinator

Dr. Sarah Cavanaugh received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida and then earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross

Ronan Chapuis headshot
Assistant Professor

Ronan Chapuis is a large animal internist, certified as a Diplomate of American College of Internal Medicine (Large Animal Internal Medicine), and

Anne Conan
Assistant Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology

Dr. Anne Conan is a veterinarian epidemiologist specialized in infectious diseases in low-income areas. She has extensive experience in zoonosis study

Melania Crisan headshot
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy

Dr. Melania I. Crișan is a veterinary anatomist and an equine practitioner, specialized in equine lameness, sports medicine and functional anatomy.

Luis Martinez Cruz
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Luis Cruz-Martinez graduated from veterinary school in Costa Rica wanting to work with wildlife and conservation. Pursuing this goal, he completed