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Strategies and Parameters


Strategy 1 - Communications

  • We will improve internal and external communications and clarify decision-making roles and procedures in order to promote an atmosphere of high morale and trust among the various School partners.

Strategy 2 - Curriculum

  • We will develop, articulate, and implement an integrated curriculum, which sets achievement standards at all levels and defines appropriate assessment indicators.

Strategy 3 - Instruction

  • We will develop and implement plans to ensure high-quality instruction in order to achieve our objectives.

Strategy 4 - Community Service

We will develop and implement programs to encourage and facilitate participation by all students in meaningful and appropriate community service.


We will accept no new program or service unless:

  • it is consistent with the school’s plan;
  • its benefits clearly justify costs;
  • it includes provisions for staff development and program evaluation;
  • it has sufficient funds for effective implementation.

We will retain no program or service unless:

  • its benefits continue to justify costs;
  • it makes an optimal contribution to achieving the mission.

We will always insist on a high standard of performance by faculty, staff, and students. We will not tolerate any behavior that diminishes the dignity or self-worth of any individual or group.