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Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy, Procedures, and Entrance Requirements

Potential parents may meet with the superintendent to tour the school and have their questions answered if they are on island. The Parent-Student Handbook is online or it can be emailed upon request. The admissions process is complete only when the application and all the required documents have been provided to the school.

The following must be received for each applicant:

  1. Completed application
  2. Copy of the first two pages of passport
  3. Copy of birth certificate
  4. Official school records from previous years, if applicable
  5. Completed medical form
  6. Copy of Immunization record
  7. Student release form
  8. Signed statement from parents and students that they have read the Parent-Student Handbook
  9. Map of directions to family home in St. Kitts

Enrollment Priorities

Enrollment is limited at the prep school and is based on class size, space, and personnel.

Priority will be given to students as described below.


Priority I

All children and legal dependents of RUSVM faculty and students of one-parent families will be accepted.

Priority II

Children and legal dependents of RUSVM faculty and students in two-parent families where one parent is not a student or faculty member at Ross.

Priority III

Children and legal dependents of RUSVM staff members.

Priority IV

Other children as determined by the superintendent.

Kindergarten through Grade 8 and Online HS Students

Priority I

All children and legal dependents of RUSVM faculty and students will be accepted, provided the child does not have challenges that cannot be met at the prep school. The superintendent will make the final decision.

Priority II

Children and legal dependents of RUSVM staff members of Ross University.

Priority III

Children not connected to Ross University who can satisfactorily demonstrate the need for a US-style curriculum. Documentation could include records showing the student has come from a US school and/or information stating they will be transferring to a school with a US curriculum. Acceptance is totally at the discretion of the superintendent and will be dependent upon space, teachers, grade level, welfare of the student population, and any other factors deemed appropriate. Siblings of currently enrolled students will be considered first within this category. New applicants transferring from a recognized international school will have the next priority within this category.