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Mission and Philosophy


Mission Statement

The mission of the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) Preparatory School is to provide an appropriate school for children of faculty and students of RUSVM while they are living in St. Kitts, along with other local and expat students from the wider St. Kitts community that are part of our school family. The school will ensure that each student achieves academic success, develops a lifelong love of learning, and becomes a responsible citizen in a global community. This will be achieved through an enriched U.S. curriculum taught by highly trained and qualified teachers committed to motivating students and working in partnership with parents and the administration of RUSVM.


Our Philosophy

All individuals have equal intrinsic worth.

All individuals are responsible for their actions.

Diversity enriches the individual and society.

Success builds self-esteem, which motivates further success.

Each child is unique, has the capacity to learn, and requires nurturing and love to achieve full potential.

Students will value learning and be respectful, responsible, and accountable for their actions.

The family is of vital importance in the development of the child.

Parents, students, and teachers share the responsibility for education.

The school environment will reflect consistency, cooperation, and a positive, safe, caring atmosphere among teachers, parents, and students where everyone is treated with respect.

Teachers will model positive support, fairness, and consistency using evaluation and communication to improve on a continuing basis.

Challenging expectations, coupled with recognition, stimulate effort and greater achievement.

Our goal is to challenge individual students, and to encourage quality performance, critical thinking, and problem solving skills by incorporating a variety of teaching styles.

Freedom of thought and expression stimulates creativity and is essential in order to sustain a democratic society.

Quality education empowers the individual and expands options throughout life.