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Emergency Information

In most situations, in the case of an emergency situation (hurricane or other natural disaster/threat/fire) the prep school will follow the RUSVM response in regard to continuing with classes or canceling school. There may be times, however, when it is determined that the children should stay at home even if the vet school remains open. Parents will be notified.

The following procedures will be practiced in the case of a fire or emergency drill or an actual emergency:
All windows and doors must be shut.

  • Students will line up and exit the building according to posted directions.
  • Students will walk quickly and will remain together in a designated spot outdoors.
  • Teachers will take their records (laptop or grade book) with them and take role.
  • Everyone should remain quiet with no talking and wait for further instructions.
  • If students are out of their scheduled rooms at the time of the drills, they will get in line with the nearest group and report to the adult in charge.

It is essential for the school to be able to contact a parent or guardian in case of emergency; therefore, it is imperative that we have both office and home phone numbers or the number of a designated neighbor or friend as well as a cell phone that can be used for texting. A map to your home should also be on file with us. Changes of address or phone numbers should be reported to the school immediately following the change.

If parents are going to be off island and someone else is to be responsible for the children, the superintendent should be notified in advance even if it is only for a day or two.

If someone other than the parent is going to pick up a child at school, whether during a normal or emergency situation, the teacher in charge must be notified. It is preferred that, when possible, this is done in writing.