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RUSVM Preparatory School Parents

  • Understand and support the school’s mission and beliefs.
  • Are positive role models and life-long learners.
  • Seek to understand Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and how it applies to their children.
  • Recognize the dignity of each individual and work with the school and their children to embrace cultural diversity.
  • Send their children to school ready to learn, on time, and with attention to their physical and mental health, including support of nutritious meals.
  • Take an active interest in what is happening in their children’s classroom.
  • Are aware of their children’s academic strengths and celebrate them.
  • Are aware of their children’s challenges and problem areas and help seek solutions to both.
  • Read all written communication sent home or received via email.
  • Are supportive of the school guidelines and rules.
  • Schedule vacations and time off island during the regularly scheduled Ross breaks so that their children do not miss school.
  • Provide a quiet space at home for reading and daily academic time and develop and maintain their children’s first language if English is a second language.
  • Are available at homework time for questions.
  • Work to realize the balance between helping extend learning via homework and letting the child do the work independently.
  • Are involved in the school and take time to share that interest by communicating with teachers, administration, and PTA regularly.