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Shontall Billinghurst-Rogers

Teacher - Greades PreK & K

Shontall Billinghurst-Rogers was born on the beautiful island of St.Kitts.  Shontall knew she was born to teach.  She acquired an Associates Degree in Primary Education through the University of the West Indies Teacher Training Program. With over 10 years of seasoned teaching and classroom experiences, Shontall brings knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom.
Shontall has worked with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and absorbed a lot of what she learnt and applies that knowledge in both her professional and personal life. This ‘island-girl’ is quite helpful and inquisitive by nature and loves to assist those in need. She believes that children learn best through exploring and by asking lots of question, I guess that’s why she so patient. She has joined the Ross Preparatory School staff in September 2016, and knew this is where her heart belongs.
During her spare time, Shontall loves engaging in a good read, as well as spending quiet reflective time with her loved ones.