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Superintendent's Welcome

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"This year, as every year, RUSVM Prep commits itself to providing the very best educational experience possible to our learners. Our focus remains on continuous improvement and efficient communication."

Dear Parents,

Welcome the RUSVM Prep School! We have a dedicated and caring staff that will ensure that our students have a challenging and exciting instructional program. We will continue to provide a safe, nurturing and respectful environment where our staff and students work together to bring out the best in each other. At RUSVM Prep we take our role seriously for creating pathways to learning that bring out the unique gifts in each of our learners. We strive to engage our students in academics, drama, art, Spanish, information technology, music and physical education.

Creating a strong bond between home and school will enable all of our students to be successful. I believe that communication is a crucial part of the school/home partnership.

How you can help your child at home:

  • Talk to your child about school and reinforce that success in school is important.
  • Provide a dedicated time and location for your child to do homework, and read with them often.
  • Ensure your child is on time to school every day and has minimal absences.
  • Ensure your child has a nutritious breakfast before school and brings a healthy snack/lunch to school.
  • Read the Parent/Student Handbook with your child to become familiar with school policies.
  • Establish open communication with your child’s teacher.
  • Participate in school activities and the PTA.
  • Visit the RUSVM Prep website often for updates and information.

Please be an active partner and become engaged in your child’s academic and social growth. Working together we cannot fail!

Have a meaningful and productive school year!


Krista L. James

Superintendent, RUSVM Preparatory School