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Ross Vet's live, call-in radio show is on WinnFM 98.9.

Be sure to tune in the second Wednesday of the month to our breakfast show at 9:00 a.m. AST to hear conversation about the contributions of animals, pets and people in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Recent News

  • Safety First

    DVM ’93, joined the North Carolina State Veterinary Response Corps, that was her first introduction to the ties between public health and veterinary medicine. From there, as she took courses in disaster management and dove into epidemiology, zoonotic disease, and other public health issues, she began to see that the two were inextricably linked. That’s when she decided to earn her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree.

  • Realizing a Community Vision: Mary Charles Hospital Reopens to the Public

    A local St. Kitts hospital serving approximately 10,000 people has reopened—and it’s undergone a complete transformation.

  • Alumna Helps Educate Community on Pet Care Through Radio Show

    Tune into KHTS AM-1220 on a Tuesday morning, and you just might hear Ross Vet alumna Jaimie Ronchetto, DVM, sharing her veterinary expertise with her community.

  • This Student Didn’t Give Up. Now She’s On Her Way to Her DVM.

    When she was 12 years old, Edith Jovel, a veterinary student at Ross Vet, traveled from her home in downtown Los Angeles to visit family in El Salvador. But in addition to reuniting with relatives, she saw something that would have a life-changing impact on her: neglected, malnourished dogs abandoned in the streets.

  • ROSS TALK Provides RUSVM Community a Place to Practice Public Speaking and Share their Passions

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine 5th Semester student, Mr. Alfred Tam, introduced a club called ROSS TALK to provide opportunities for Ross Vet students, faculty, and staff to spread their ideas – and for the community to hear great speeches without having to spend money or fundraise.

  • Andrea Dattellas Wins Small Business Excellence Award for Animal Hospital

    Learn more about Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine alumna, Dr. Andrea Dattellas, who runs Fulton Animal Hospital in Fulton, New York.

  • Externship at the Charlotte Humane Society

    One student shares her clinical year experience

  • Fox Fest: Remembering a Friend, Supporting the Future

    On July 17, 2017, Ross alumni and friends descended on the Wade Indoor Arena in Terrell, Texas for the third annual Fox Fest, to raise money for the Dr. Lanse T. Fox Memorial Organization.

  • RUSVM In The News

    Learn more about Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine by reading through our news archive.

  • Alumni News

    Latest news from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine alumni.

  • Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Announces First Doctoral Graduates

    RUSVM announces the graduation of its first three PhD candidates: Dr. Burgunde Elisabeth Rink, Dr. Emma Hobbs and Dr. Inaki Deza Cruz

  • This Vet runs: Delia Large-Hart

    First semester Rossie, Delia Large-Hart completed an entire island marathon in one day. Here's her incredible story.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Toby Goldman

    Dr. Toby Goldman is a hospice veterinarian who shares real life advice to Rossies about the field.

  • RUSVM holds first White Coat Ceremony for 2019

    Ross Vet holds its first White Coat Ceremony for 2019.

  • New Year's Goals Rossies will enjoy keeping

    Four goals that every student should add to their list of resolutions for the New Year.

  • Dr. Emma Hobbs, set apart by the RUSVM international experience

    Dr. Emma Hobbs is the first among three Rossies who completed the Ph.D. in research from the University.

  • Five helpful tips for managing tough emotions during the holidays

    Some persons experience anxiety and depressive symptoms during the holiday season. Here are a few tips to help you cope and manage your emotions.

  • Ross Vet wins US Fish and Wildlife Service Grant

    Ross Vet won a grant to continue the work on the Narrows Managed Area on St. Kitts. The grant was given by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • One Wild Mayan Adventure for Rossies

    If you visited Carla Rodrigues, DVM, CCRP at work, you might see her helping a dog tackle an aquatic treadmill, or guiding a puppy through an obstacle course. It’s all part of the veterinary specialty she loves—rehabilitation practice.

  • RUSVM hosts its first Three Minute Thesis Competition

    RUSVM hosts its first three minute thesis competition and Nicole Artherley from Barbados was declared the winner.

  • RUSVM, Adtalem, and the Government of St. Kitts-Nevis open high-end science lab

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine with support from its parent company Adtalem Global Education, partnered with the Ministry of Education to fully refurbish and open a high-end science lab at the Basseterre High School on St. Kitts.

  • Student Spotlight: Dr. Burgunde Elisabeth 'Lisbett' Rink

    Dr. Burgunde Elisabeth 'Libett' Rink, successfully defended her this on September 21, 2018 in the presence of her Examination Committee, which was followed by a public defense at Ross Vet. Lisbett is the first recipient of the doctoral degree in research offered by RossVet.

  • WAVMA Conference and Biosecurity Workshop

    RossVet hosted the 3rd WAVMA Conference and Biosecurity Workshop during the month of November on St. Kitts. Aquatic Veterinary professionals came together to discuss research and, best practices.

  • RUSVM Counseling Center Earns International Association of Counseling Services Accreditation

    The Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) Counseling Center has been accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS), the accreditation association for university and college counseling centers. The RUSVM Counseling Center was found to offer outstanding professional services to its clientele and was evaluated for its compliance with the IACS Standards, the highest standards for campus counseling centers.

  • Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

    Read about how to keep your pets safe on Halloween.

  • Going Viral with One Health

    The 'One-Health’ approach is so important, and that's why we call attention to it during our third One Health Week.

  • Checking in with ... Kenneth Boey

    Student Kenneth Boey discusses his journey from Singapore to Ross Vet.

  • Checking in With ... Montana Diabo

    Student Montana Diabo tells of growing up on a native-American reserve, and how it shaped her passion to be a vet.

  • Welcoming the Red Class of 2022

    We officially welcomed the red semester class of 2022 with the White Coat Ceremony

  • From SeaWorld to Seeing the World

    Alumni spotlight

    Stacy DiRocco’s work day is a little different from most, in large part because of her patients. Take Kayla. She’s as athletic and graceful as they come, but she’s also a rather large girl. As in 5,600 pounds and 19-feet-long large – she’s a killer whale, after all. In fact, Kayla is the largest female killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando, which makes her one of DiRocco’s largest patients, being that she’s a veterinarian there.

  • Catching up with Jazmeen Suleman

    Knowing that Ross Vet is located in the Caribbean was a huge positive for me. I could not wait to get out of the cold and have summer all year round.

  • Fox Fest Carries on Memory of Late Alum

    Dr. Lanse T. Fox may be gone, but he certainly is not forgotten. The fourth annual Fox Festival was held earlier this year, raising approximately $20,000. This event and other associated fundraising events in Texas have facilitated six scholarships to veterinary students since its inception.

  • 7th Semester Spotlight: Julia Drube

    We sat down with Julia Drube, 7th Semester RUSVM Student who will be headed to The Ohio State University for her clinical year.

  • Checking in with...Meghan Thorne

    Everyone at Cornell has been so welcoming and helpful. The clinicians really push you to make clinical decisions and apply all the information you learned in the classroom to your patients.

  • A Commitment for Research

    Ross Vet's new Research and Pathology Building is a 19,000 square-foot facility dedicated to multidisciplinary research collaborations and providing an academic platform for students and faculty to address pressing One Health issues. It has 13,000 square feet of research space, a pathology wing, and expanded educational capabilities for our staff and students.

  • Student Spotlight: Felix Algarín Sepúlveda

    Felix Algarín Sepúlveda is convinced there are many just like him, and his goal is to help pave the way for all the rest. Algarín Sepúlveda is in his third semester of Ross Vet’s DVM program, and on the President’s List, at that. However, as excited as he is for his education and career prospects, Algarín Sepúlveda’s path was not the easiest.

  • Ross Vet Collaborates to Enhance Quality of Livestock in St. Kitts

    A collaboration between Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross Vet) and the St. Kitts & Nevis Ministry of Agriculture will improve goat production on the island. Through the crossbreeding of local indigenous doe breeds with three Boer bucks from Florida, the project will help improve goat production and enhance the quality of livestock on the island within the next five to ten years.

  • Veterinarians to the Rescue

    In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the recent wildfires in Northern California, citizens looked to police, firemen, hazmat teams, EMTs, doctors and nurses, expecting them to be there during crises and to come to their rescue.

  • Q&A with Dr. Priti Karnik

    I was a student in the late 1990’s, the island and campus were like another island entirely compared to what you see today. You were immersed in the island life and the comradery that we had with our classmates and faculty was an experience I will never forget. I learned so much from my time in St. Kitts and from my professors and I hope to bring a little of that with me now as a teacher.

  • International Women's Day

    RUSVM collaborates with St. Kitts government to support International Women’s Day breakfast 2018

  • RUSVM Participates in Career College Health Expo

    RUSVM) participated in the Career College Health Expo organized by the St. Kitts and Nevis Department of Labour. The fair was a component of its 2018 week of activities under the theme “Opening Doors, Creating Opportunities through Service & Empowerment.” The expo was held on Saturday February 23 in Independence Square and welcomed those interested in employment with Ross Vet, and prospective students.

  • Paying it Forward

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine prides itself on being a place where aspiring veterinarians can achieve their dreams and live their passion. For some, that dream is opening a hometown clinic and connecting with pets and their families; for others, the dream takes them across the world to make a difference with exotic or forgotten animal populations. Ross students don’t let anything hold them back. So there’s no reason why the anchor of student debt should stand in the way of their potential.

  • Pardon our Dust

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine excited to announce an update on two campus projects that aim to enhance faculty research and the student experience.

  • Drs. Lischin and Humphreys

    Dr. Eliza Lischin graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. She completed her clinical year at Washington State University where, by serendipity, she met her future husband, Moses Humphreys. Dr. Lischin began her veterinary career in New York City in a small animal private practice.

  • RUSVM Vet Tech Editor of New Book

    Senior Veterinary Anesthesia Technician H. Ed Durham Jr. CVT, RVT, LATG, VTS (Cardiology) at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine is editor of a new textbook.

  • 7th Semester Spotlight: Will Gouinlock

    We sat down with 7th semester student, Robert 'Will' Gouinlock to learn more about his Rossie experience and advice for students new to RUSVM and St. Kitts

  • PhD Student Spotlight: Dr. Katalina Cruz

    As a human dentist, Katalina Cruz was always interested in more than just teeth. A 2004 dental school graduate, she began work as an assistant professor at Herzing University in Minneapolis, teaching dental assistants and hygienists. She found herself fascinated by how saliva is a mirror to the body’s condition, and how it can show signs of illness or disease. It was through her work in a community clinic where she became increasingly interested in biochemistry, oral pathology, and research.

  • White Coat Ceremony

    The 2018 Ross Vet White Coat Ceremony was held on Monday, January 8, with more than 160 new students accepting their white coats and entry into the veterinary profession.

  • Technically Speaking

    It was 2012, and Michelle Durkee, DVM ’89 had reached a turning point. As the owner of Florida’s West Palm Animal Clinic, she was maxed out, overwhelmed with charting, and considering hiring another veterinarian to help with the load. She couldn’t possibly take on any more clients, so growth was at a total standstill. She had to make a decision...

  • One Health Week Highlights Ocean Health at RUSVM

    Research is ongoing at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, but one week a year, One Health research gets a special campus spotlight.

  • A Cruise through the Curragh

    On an “Irish birthright trip,” I decided to seek out a veterinary externship abroad in Ireland. The opportunity at Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital would introduce me to a new population of horses and the chance to explore my Irish heritage

  • Under The Sea

    It started humbly enough. Dr. Michelle Dennis, anatomic pathology, had been fielding consistent student requests for special lectures about coral diseases. Semester after semester, student groups would come to her for more information. While Dennis was interested in learning more about the coral diseases around St. Kitts, she didn’t exactly have the time to leave her office for daily dives. She needed eyes in the field to see what was there, and report back to her with what they found.

  • Relief for Puerto Rico

    The Puerto Rican student community at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine raised over $22,000 US last month through a dinner and silent auction and related donation efforts to benefit Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico. 

  • RUSVM and RUSM Host U.S. Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) collaborated with its sister institution, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), to host U.S. Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela from the U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), on Friday, Nov.17, 2017.

  • West Indies Veterinary Conference 2017

    Over 200 veterinary professionals from all specialties gathered at the annual West Indies Veterinary Conference hosted by Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine from Nov. 5-10, 2017, in St. Kitts. The 11th annual conference provided an opportunity for attendees to earn up to 30 hours of continuing education credits and served as a platform for attendees to network with fellow veterinary professionals, participate in a series of career building courses and discuss new findings surrounding veterinary practice.

  • Q&A with RUSVM Student Ambassadors

    If you are a prospective student looking for information about what it’s like at RUSVM, you might get an opportunity to talk with a Ross Vet Student Ambassador (RVSA).

  • Galapagos Islands Adventure

    Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure, but you never seemed to have the time, until one day you are finally able to go and it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside? That is exactly how it felt when I went on my voyage to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

  • RUSVM Supports Hurricane Relief

    Two historic storms passed within miles of St. Kitts last month; Hurricane Irma to the north, and Hurricane Maria to the south, St. Kitts was spared the worst. With minimal damage to both Ross University campuses and the island, students, faculty and staff have come together to support one another, their sister institutions in Sint Maarten and Dominica and neighboring islands.

  • Day of Service

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross) students, faculty and staff joined together for the first RUSVM Day of Service on Saturday September 23 with community projects at Deane Glasford Primary School, La Guerite Street and the St. Kitts southeast Peninsula.

  • A Wild Spring Break

    Read more about the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic and Wildlife Institute Internship.

  • One Health Art Competition

    Our RUSVM students showed off their artistic abilities in the fall Semester Olympics Art Contest. The theme was “One Health."

  • Volunteer Experience in Central America

    I had the distinct pleasure of joining the Vida Volunteer organization in Costa Rica and Nicaragua to provide free veterinary care to underserved areas.

  • RUSVM Supports Youth Summer Camp

    RUSVM supported Police Summer Camp, sponsored by the Ministry of National Security of St. Kitts and Nevis, in collaboration with the Coalition of Support for St. Kitts-Nevis Security Initiatives (CSSKNSI).

  • The Wonders of My Vet School World

    The six of us touched down in Peru with a drive to “get to work,” still not knowing exactly how much we would get to do. Turns out, everything.

  • Puerto Rico Vet Camp students experience Ross

    The Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Vet Camp program, now in its third year, welcomed students to the St. Kitts campus for two, one-week sessions in July to introduce them to the Rossie experience. 

  • Ross students represent Veterinary Profession

    This spring, three Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine students, Renee Jones, Robert "Bob" McCarthy, and Ann Marie Picone had the opportunity to attend the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Legislative Fly-In in Washington, D.C.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Rural Rossies

    Meet several Rossies working in rural or mixed animal practice.

  • Spotlight on: Clinical Placement Ceremony

    An excited and anxious group of 159 Ross students gathered at the clinical placement ceremony recently to find out where they had placed for either a stateside or international clinical year.

  • RUSVM Welcomes Class of 2020 at White Coat Ceremony

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine recently welcomed its newest students, the class of 2020 to their veterinary training.

  • St. Kitts Students Explore Allied Healthcare Career Options

    Students from local high-schools and Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College visited Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine to explore career options in the allied healthcare fields, as part of the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week Apr. 26 and 27.

  • World Vets Experience

    A Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine student shares her experience as a volunteer for World Vets as part of a veterinary outreach.

  • 7th Semester Spotlight: Jasmine Gibbs

    Meet Jasmine Gibbs, a 7th semester DVM degree student at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Why These Students Care About One Health (and Think You Should, Too)

    In a classroom at the Ross Preparatory School on St. Kitts, children stood in an assembly line, each turning to pass Styrofoam containers and plastic bottles back to the student behind them. But the last student had nowhere to turn. Litter piled up in his arms until he could hold no more, and the items clattered to the ground.

  • How to Have Five Careers in One: Dana Dobbs’ Story

    If you’re having a hard time trying to commit to one subset of veterinary medicine, take heart. Ross grads like Dana Dobbs, DVM ’06 prove that it’s possible to follow your dream—and then another dream—and another.

  • Going Places: These Grads Found Success as Mobile Vets

    Meet three Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine grads who struck out on their own and took their practice on the road -- and learn how much their clients appreciate it.

  • RUSVM Research Identifies Superbugs’ Weaknesses

    New research from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine shows that these so-called “superbugs” might not be invincible after all.

  • Getting Patients Back on Their Paws

    If you visited Carla Rodrigues, DVM, CCRP at work, you might see her helping a dog tackle an aquatic treadmill, or guiding a puppy through an obstacle course. It’s all part of the veterinary specialty she loves—rehabilitation practice.

  • Alumni Come Together at NAVC

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine held its alumni reception in Orlando during the recent North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC).

  • One Health Residential Week

    RUSVM welcomed students from the MSc One Health degree program to the inaugural One Health Residential Week on campus Sept. 19-23. The week was an opportunity for students who study remotely to meet their cohort for face-to-face dialogue in St. Kitts, and participate in a variety of professional development activities.

  • Forensic Veterinarian Fights Animal Cruelty

    As a forensic veterinarian, Solveig Evans, DVM sees far more than her share of pain and heartache. But with that comes the immeasurable reward of getting safety—and justice—for the animals that she works so hard to protect.

  • Agriculture Outreach: How Students Are Helping Local Farmers

    At Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, on-campus organizations allow students to pursue their passions outside the classroom and further develop their skills, often while giving back to their community.

  • RUSVM Receives NIH Grant to Study Transmission of Mosquito-Borne Diseases

    The research will investigate whether African Green Monkeys are infected with arboviruses in the five ecosystems present on the island of St. Kitts, identify the mosquitoes that may be involved in the transmission of the viruses among the monkeys, and probe how the virus is spread amongst people on the island.

  • Alum Lives Her Passion for Helping Those in Need

    For Adrianna Smith, DVM ’12, shelter medicine is at the heart of why she chose to be a vet in the first place

  • RUSVM Student Charts Her Own Course

    When Sydney Davis first sailed in the Caribbean as a yacht captain, little did she know she would one day study near those very same waters earning her DVM and master’s degree in St. Kitts at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

  • This Alum Takes her Practice On—and Off—the Road

    Read about how a mobile veterinary gets a place of her own.

  • 5 Minutes with RUSVM Financial Aid

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Communications sat down with Ms. Lesley Broadbelt and Ms. Avonelle Fahie-Pemberton to find out a little more about what really happens in Financial Aid.

  • An Inside Look at 4 Unique Student Externships

    Four DVM degree students at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine share their externship experience.

  • Bovine Externship at Kurtz Veterinary Clinic

    Amanda Foard, RUSVM 6th Semester Student, Shares Her Experience in a Bovine Externship

  • 5 Things to Know: Neena Golden, the RUSVM Student Who Helped Save a Dog’s Life

    You may have heard about Neena Golden in the news recently—she’s the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine student who helped save a dog’s life minutes before he was to be euthanized.

  • Medical Director, Practice Owner Keeps the Good Vibes Flowing in Austin Clinic

    For Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduate Dustin Zimmer, DVM, the best part of owning a veterinary practice is the job itself.

  • New Opportunities for RUSVM Students at Royal Veterinary College of London

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine announced a new clinical affiliation with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London, United Kingdom.

  • Alum Honored with Good Neighbor Award

    At Somerset Veterinary Group in Bridgewater, N.J., it’s not uncommon for staff to welcome groups of children onto the premises, in addition to clients and pets. That’s because Jennifer Cece Feeney, DVM (’94) routinely gives tours of the facility to local Boy and Girl Scout troops, 4-H groups and homeschooled children.

  • Students Promote Wellness at RUSVM

    Veterinary students dedicate much of their time, energy and efforts to learning how to make animals well. This month, it was the animals who helped contribute to student wellness through a Stress Free Puppy Zone event...

  • Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Launches iPad®-enabled Learning Program

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine today announced the launch of a new program that provides all new students with an iPad® custom-designed to offer a digitally advanced multimedia learning experience.

  • Alumni revisit RUSVM at annual West Indies Veterinary Conference

    Not only was Dr. Mickey Axelband in the first graduating class at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross), because his last name begins in “A” he was the first graduate ever to receive a diploma from the school in 1985.

  • Top 10 Stories from 2016

    As 2016 comes to a close, we're looking back at some of our most interesting and exciting stories. From innovative projects to student and alumni success stories, help us say goodbye to 2016 with some of our favorite posts from this year!

  • Externship Experience at Animal Medical Center

    During my last semester break, I completed an externship at The Animal Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • RUSVM Blue Semester donates to Newton Ground Primary School

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine 7th semester class delivered donated school supplies to Newton Ground Primary, providing the school with items ranging from notebooks to storybooks to begin the New Year.

  • Taking the Fast Track

    Hear from six Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine grads who took advantage of our three start dates and accelerated curriculum.

  • One Health Day, Every Day at RUSVM

    On Nov. 3, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine students and faculty introduced the first One Health Day on campus to raise awareness of how much we depend on our environment for food, water, shelter and overall health.

  • RUSVM and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Sign Memorandum of Understanding

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (the Bloomberg School) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore research collaborations and joint educational activities to benefit students at both institutions.

  • Alumni Q&A: Veterinary Internist Talks Diabetes in Pets

    For National Diabetes Awareness Month, Ross Vet spoke with alum Mike Della Ripa, DVM (’06), a veterinary internist who treats diabetes, among many other internal medicine conditions in pets.

  • RUSVM Donates Scientific Laboratory Tables to St. Kitts Schools

    Just in time for the new school year, five St. Kitts schools received a donation of scientific laboratory tables donated by Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine for use in their science classrooms.

  • RUSVM Signs Articulation Agreement with University of Cape Town

    This marks the second articulation agreement that Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine has entered with a South Africa university, the first being Stellenbosch University.

  • Alum Blends Western and Eastern Medicine to Heal Animals

    After Dr. Frank Akawi examines a sick pet, he might prescribe a medication, schedule a session of acupuncture, or both. He might even recommend an entirely different course of treatment.

  • "Trust Yourself and Your Education": Alum Reflects on Path to DVM

    Many veterinarians have been set on their career choice since they were young children. But for others, it’s an interest that grows organically over time. Learn more about Dr. Cory Greenfield, a Ross Vet alum.

  • Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Appoints Dr. Sean Callanan as Dean

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) has appointed Dr. Sean Callanan as dean. He has over 25 years of experience in research and veterinary education.

  • Alum Recalls “Life-Changing” RUSVM Experience

    Learn about Dr. Fuentes experience as a student at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

  • 5 Questions with Veterinarian and Blogger, Lauren Smith

    In-between caring for animals, Ross Vet graduate Lauren Smith, DVM is a prolific blogger. Her work has been published on leading medical and veterinary blogs, such as KevinMD.

  • Ross Expands its Network in South Africa through Articulation Agreement with University of Witwatersrand

    The University of Witwatersrand (UW) in Johannesburg, South Africa is the third university in the country to enter into an articulation agreement with Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Catfish!

    As a Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine student, Irene Yen spent a 2-week externship in Stoneville, Mississippi during her clinical year at the aquaculture center located at a Mississippi State University extension site.

  • With Limited Options in Canada, Nova Scotia Native Seeks DVM in Caribbean

    Read more about Ross Vet student Kathleen Giguere's experience and her passion about helping prospective Canadian vet students find their way.

  • Alumna's Career Transition Leads to $60,000 in Scholarships for RUSVM Students

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine is the first institution to benefit from the Blue Buffalo Foundation's new initiative to provide financial support to aspiring veterinarians. Read about 2007 graduate Victoria Carmella, DVM, who left private practice to join Blue Buffalo.

  • Lions, Tigers, and Leopards, Oh My: Alum Works as Big Cat Veterinarian

    When 2012 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduate Justin Boorstein isn't busy at his day job at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Fla., he's performing surgeries and caring for lions, tigers, and other big cats.

  • 5 Minutes with RUSVM Clinical Affairs

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Communications sat down with Ms. Trish Scaife, Clinical Affairs Coordinator to find out a little more about what “really” happens in Clinical Affairs.

  • New Program: $60K in Scholarships Available for RUSVM Students

    The DeVry Education Group Scholarship Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, and the Blue Buffalo Foundation, also a 501(c)(3) organization, today announced a new scholarship program totaling $60,000 for students at RUSVM.

  • RUSVM Alumni Now Married and Practicing Together

    Michael Hill, DVM (’09) and Leilani Cota, DVM (’12) co-own the Hill Animal Hospital in Hickory, North Carolina. But that’s not the only connection they share: they met in undergrad, attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and were married in 2007.

  • RELAY FOR LIFE: RUSVM Supports the Fight Against Cancer

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) was proud to be a sponsor for the Rutgers University Relay For Life event, held recently in Piscataway, New Jersey.

  • RUSVM Student Explores the Social Dimension of Conservation Medicine

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) student Tara Agostini spent the past semester in St. Kitts doing something unusual for a veterinarian—going out into the community and interviewing people.

  • New RUSVM class celebrates the start of their DVM training

    A new class of students celebrated the start of their DVM career at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine White Coat Ceremony this month, with 163 new students donning the white coat for the first time.

  • AVMA President to RUSVM Class of 2016: "You’re Our Future"

    Joseph Kinnarney, DVM, MS, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), delivers a commencement address to the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduating Class of 2016 on May 21.

  • Former Student Body President Works to Make a Difference

    As former president of the Student Chapter of American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA), Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine student Afifah Abdul Rahim worked as a bridge between the students and staff with the intent to offer new initiatives.

  • RUSVM Alumna Realizes Her Passion for Exotics

    After graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Krista Keller, DVM, Dipl ACZM (’10), takes her passion for nontraditional companion animals to the next level.

  • RUSVM Signs First Articulation Agreement in South Africa with Stellenbosch University

    This is the first articulation Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine has signed with Stellenbosch University in South Africa to increase opportunities for qualified students to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

  • This Student Charted Her Own Path to Becoming a Veterinarian

    Read about how Erika Blanco, fifth semester veterinary student at Ross Vet, charted her own path to becoming a veterinarian.

  • RUSVM Students Receive the Zoetis Veterinary Student Scholarship

    A total of five Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine students were honored last month with the 2016 Zoetis Veterinary Student Scholarship.

  • RUSVM Student to Present Sea Turtle Research in Peru

    As a member of the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN), Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine student Ms. Kristine Hill works late into the night to help preserve some of the most endangered turtles on the planet.

Important Dates

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April 30 Spring Clinical Term Ends
May 01 Summer Clinical Term Begins