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  • Fox Fest Carries on Memory of Late Alum

    Dr. Lanse T. Fox may be gone, but he certainly is not forgotten. The fourth annual Fox Festival was held earlier this year, raising approximately $20,000. This event and other associated fundraising events in Texas have facilitated six scholarships to veterinary students since its inception.

  • Paying it Forward

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine prides itself on being a place where aspiring veterinarians can achieve their dreams and live their passion. For some, that dream is opening a hometown clinic and connecting with pets and their families; for others, the dream takes them across the world to make a difference with exotic or forgotten animal populations. Ross students don’t let anything hold them back. So there’s no reason why the anchor of student debt should stand in the way of their potential.

  • Technically Speaking

    It was 2012, and Michelle Durkee, DVM ’89 had reached a turning point. As the owner of Florida’s West Palm Animal Clinic, she was maxed out, overwhelmed with charting, and considering hiring another veterinarian to help with the load. She couldn’t possibly take on any more clients, so growth was at a total standstill. She had to make a decision...

  • Alumni Spotlight: Rural Rossies

    Meet several Rossies working in rural or mixed animal practice.

  • Going Places: These Grads Found Success as Mobile Vets

    Meet three Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine grads who struck out on their own and took their practice on the road -- and learn how much their clients appreciate it.

  • Getting Patients Back on Their Paws

    If you visited Carla Rodrigues, DVM, CCRP at work, you might see her helping a dog tackle an aquatic treadmill, or guiding a puppy through an obstacle course. It’s all part of the veterinary specialty she loves—rehabilitation practice.

  • Alumni Come Together at NAVC

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine held its alumni reception in Orlando during the recent North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC).

  • Forensic Veterinarian Fights Animal Cruelty

    As a forensic veterinarian, Solveig Evans, DVM sees far more than her share of pain and heartache. But with that comes the immeasurable reward of getting safety—and justice—for the animals that she works so hard to protect.

  • Alum Lives Her Passion for Helping Those in Need

    For Adrianna Smith, DVM ’12, shelter medicine is at the heart of why she chose to be a vet in the first place

  • This Alum Takes her Practice On—and Off—the Road

    Read about how a mobile veterinary gets a place of her own.

  • Medical Director, Practice Owner Keeps the Good Vibes Flowing in Austin Clinic

    For Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduate Dustin Zimmer, DVM, the best part of owning a veterinary practice is the job itself.

  • Alumni revisit RUSVM at annual West Indies Veterinary Conference

    Not only was Dr. Mickey Axelband in the first graduating class at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross), because his last name begins in “A” he was the first graduate ever to receive a diploma from the school in 1985.

  • Alumni Q&A: Veterinary Internist Talks Diabetes in Pets

    For National Diabetes Awareness Month, Ross Vet spoke with alum Mike Della Ripa, DVM (’06), a veterinary internist who treats diabetes, among many other internal medicine conditions in pets.

  • Alum Blends Western and Eastern Medicine to Heal Animals

    After Dr. Frank Akawi examines a sick pet, he might prescribe a medication, schedule a session of acupuncture, or both. He might even recommend an entirely different course of treatment.

  • Alumna's Career Transition Leads to $60,000 in Scholarships for RUSVM Students

    Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine is the first institution to benefit from the Blue Buffalo Foundation's new initiative to provide financial support to aspiring veterinarians. Read about 2007 graduate Victoria Carmella, DVM, who left private practice to join Blue Buffalo.

  • Lions, Tigers, and Leopards, Oh My: Alum Works as Big Cat Veterinarian

    When 2012 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduate Justin Boorstein isn't busy at his day job at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Fla., he's performing surgeries and caring for lions, tigers, and other big cats.

  • RUSVM Alumni Now Married and Practicing Together

    Michael Hill, DVM (’09) and Leilani Cota, DVM (’12) co-own the Hill Animal Hospital in Hickory, North Carolina. But that’s not the only connection they share: they met in undergrad, attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and were married in 2007.

  • AVMA President to RUSVM Class of 2016: "You’re Our Future"

    Joseph Kinnarney, DVM, MS, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), delivers a commencement address to the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduating Class of 2016 on May 21.

  • RUSVM Alumna Realizes Her Passion for Exotics

    After graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Krista Keller, DVM, Dipl ACZM (’10), takes her passion for nontraditional companion animals to the next level.

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