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MSc by Research

Master of Science (MSc) by Research Degree

The Master of Science by Research degree program is based on supervised research over a period of one year full-time or a maximum of 24 months part-time. Progress monitoring is conducted throughout the study period and the student will be asked to demonstrate satisfactory progress at set milestones.

The award of a Master of Science by Research degree is based on the satisfactory completion of research training in addition to any other designated projects and/or assignments and/or course work, and the completion of a thesis, which must not exceed 30,000 words.

Candidates will be required to demonstrate that they have acquired an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in the field of study and are capable of undertaking independent research.

research-paper_icon Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees

I was afforded an excellent opportunity to partake in a MSc by Research studentship while attending veterinary school. I am contemplating the pursuit of a PhD after I finish with my DVM studies, and believe the work I do as a master's student would be of great benefit to me in that endeavor.

– Ryan C. Navarro, MSDVM Candidate 2018