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Faculty Research

RUSVM faculty members have participated in research projects that have received funding from grant-awarding bodies, industry, corporations and governments, and our faculty have contributed to scholarly literature by publishing scientific papers in high quality, peer-reviewed journals.

Our research team comprises faculty from across the globe—many with experience at international agencies such as the World Health Organization. RUSVM is providing opportunities for our students to engage in research and benefit from being taught by research leaders in their field—a process designed to help students develop into career-ready graduates.

Intramural Research Projects

  • One Health Center for Zoonoses and Tropical Veterinary Medicine

    Epidemiology of toxoplasmosis in the Caribbean
    PI: Kelly, P. Co-PI: Innes, L., Katzer, F., Beierschmitt, A., Vandenplas, M., Ketzis, J.


    Epidemiology of Dengue virus infection in people and Aedes aegypti on St. Kitts
    Kelly, P. Co-PI: Innes, L., Katzer, F., Beierschmitt, A., Vandenplas, M., Ketzis, J.


    Trichomonas foetus infection in the domestic cats in St. Kitts
    PI: Yao, C. Co-PI: Koster, L., Porter, S., Peda, A.


    Genomic analysis of Rotavirus-A strains detected in African green vervet monkeys on the island of St. Kitts
    PI: Ghosh, S.


    ORF study
    PI: Toka, F.

    Precision Antimicrobial Therapy (PAT)
    Guardabassi, L. Co-PI: Jana, B., Baker, K.


    Is a systemic and dermal combination more effective than dermal alone for Rhicephalus sanguineus infestations; is resistance an explanation for control challenge?
    Ketzis, J. Co-PI: Nair, R., Peda, A., Fairs, J. and University of Florida


    Mongoose microbiome
    PI: Butaye P.


    Salmonella serotyping and susceptibility testing
    Butaye, P.

    Prevalence and characterization of Salmonella spp. from pig carcasses slaughtered in St. Kitts and Nevis abattoir and their comparison to human isolates
    PI: Sithole, F. Co-PI: Butaye, P., Harrington, J (UMHS)


    Soil transmitted helminths assessing drug resistance serum and saliva
    PI: Ketzis, J. Co-PI: Brenes, K.


    Whole genomic analysis of a porcine G5P[13] rotavirus strain
    Ghosh, S.


    Trichuris LAMP LED
    Yao, C.


    Zoonotic parasites of African green monkeys
    Ketzis, J.


    Dengue mosquito
    Kelly, P


    Molecular characterization of full-length gene segment-2 (RdRp- encoding gene) of picobirnavirus strains detected on the island of St. Kitts
    PI: Ghosh, S.

    Molecular characterization of a simian fecal sample exhibiting rotavirus-like RNA migration patterns in RNA-PAGE
    PI: Ghosh, S.

    Isolating and Identifying Leptospira serovars circulating in animal reservoirs and environment

    PI: Rajeev, S.




  • Center for Integrative Mammalian Research

    Investigating early embryonic death in tropical sheep
    PI: Ratto, M. Co-PI: Chapwanya, A., Bergfelt, D., Ketzis, J., Roberson, J., French, H.


    MRI features of acute non compressive nucleus pulposus extrusion in cats
    PI: Du Plessis

    A comparison of three preoperative antibiotic protocols for food animal surgery
    PI: French, H. Co-PI: Little, E.

    Blood Brain Barrier Function in vervet monkeys
    PI: Callanan, S. Co-PI: Valderamma, X.


    Molecular pharmacology underlying susceptibility to serotonin poisoning
    PI: Shokry, A. Co-PI: Callanan, S., Tao, R.


    Pilot study to determine IgG Antibody levels to chikungunya and dengue viruses in wild and captive African Green Monkeys on St. Kitts and Nevis
    PI: Kelly, P. Co-PI: Valentine, M.


    Understanding the innate immune role of TRIM proteins in bovine macrophages - mRNA and protein expression profile upon stimulation with PAMPS
    PI: Toka, F. 


    Pharmacokinetics of intragastric administration of doxycycline in donkeys
    PI: Little, E. Co-PI: French, H., Peterson, E.


    Monkey oviduct study
    PI: Chapwanya, A.


    Hepatic biochemical pathways and seasonal weight loss tolerance in sheep; the mitochondrial proteome
    PI: de Almeida, A.


    Demonstration of macrophages types 1 and 2 in cartilage implants combined with horse bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
    PI: Nino-Fong, R


    Corneal changes in Tropical Keratopathy in dogs and cats
    PI: Kelly, P.

    Is there a “RUSVM 15” equivalent of the Freshman 15
    PI: Kelly, P.


    Colitis in Dogs
    PI: Illanes, O.


    Calorie Restriction
    PI: Callanan, S.


    Alzheimers disease & Blood Brain Barrier
    PI: Callanan, S.


    Anaplasma platys infection in dogs: First step towards identification of strains, arthropod vectors and mammalian reservoirs
    PI: Rajeev, S.


    Magnetic resonance imaging features of multilobular osteochondroma in the dog
    PI: du Plessis, W.


    Development of a scoring and mapping system for surgically removed equine arytenoid cartilage lesions – a pilot study
    PI: Bolfa, P. Co-PI: Grevemeyer, B., Dennis, M., Cercone, M., Ducharme, N. (Cornell)





  • Center for Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health

    Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) in dogs in Bushbuckridge, South Africa
    PI: Knobel, D. Co-PI: Conan, A.  


    Efficacy of porcine and recombinant zona pellucida vaccines for immunocontraception of female donkeys
    PI: French, H. Co-PI: Bertschinger, H., Schulman, M., Knobel, D., Chapwanya,A ., Vandenplas, M.


    Cat population observation study
    PI: Knobel, D.


    Can rabies vaccine increase survival of young puppies in low income settings through a non-specific protective effect? A randomized controlled trial
    PI: Conan, A. Co-PI: Knobel, D., Mulugeta, S,

    Sea turtle management, health assessment, and tissue sampling
    PI: Stewart, K. Co-PI: Soto, E., Norton, T., Clements, K.

    Assessment of reproductive biology, zoonotic potential and social dimensions for mongoose control in St. Kitts/Mongoose control SKN
    PI: Cruz Martinez Co-PI: Chapwanya, A., Bergfelt, D., Stewart, K., Sithole, F

    Characterizing the human-vervet monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus) interface in St. Kitts
    PI: Gallagher, C. Co-PI: Dore, K.

    Counting Cats
    PI: Artemiou, E.


    Leatherback hatchling mortality
    PI: Dennis, M.


    Immunometabolism in dolphins
    PI: Bergfelt, D.


    Can rabies vaccine increase survival of young puppies in low income settings through a non-specific protective effect? A randomized controlled trial
    PI: Conan, A. Co-PI: Knobel, D., Toka, F.


    Evaluating the diversity and impact of microparisites on marine invertebrates and reef-associated fish from St. Kitts/Marine microparasites
    PI: Freeman, M. Co-PI: Dennis, M.


    Coral Crusaders – Diagnosing and monitoring coral disease in St Kitts
    PI: Dennis, M. Co-PI: Sample, S., Dorrestein, E.


    Low-cost monkey deterrents
    PI: Knobel, D.  


  • Center for Research and Innovation in Veterinary and Medical Education

    Student perceptions of mobile game‐based applications
    PI: Fuentealba, C. Co-PI: DeVry funding listed as an extramural Learning Games Network, Inc- $11,356 in-kind


    Assessing MCQs
    PI: Du Plessis


    Predictors of academic success
    PI: Fuentealba Co-PI: EXTRAMURAL Zoetis- $3,000


    Effects of classical music on reducing environmental stress in dogs as well as in veterinary students while in training-a pilot study
    PI: Artemiou, E. Co-PI: Koster, L., Sithole, F.


    Project Magic: Mobile Application Guide for Innovative Curriculum
    PI: Fuentealba, C. Co-PI: Baumann, E.,  EM- $4107


    Virtual necroscopy rounds
    PI: Illanes, O.


    Mind-Body Medicine
    PI: Artemiou, E. Co-PI: Bergfelt, D., Gilbert, G.


    A virtual three dimensional (3D) interactive touch screen canine anatomy table: Assessing students’ perceptions, and outcomes following deliberate practice
    PI: Sparks, C. Co-PI: Little, B., Artemiou, E., Conan, A.

    A psychometric investigation of a comprehensive surgical skills exam
    PI: Farrell, R. Co-PI: Pope, E., Dundas, J., Betance, L., Gilbert, G., Huck, J.,

    Climate Survey
    PI: Artemiou, E. Co-PI: Fuentealba, C., Gilbert, G.

    Online reputation management: An educational intervention to reduce veterinary student’s exposure to risk when using social media
    PI: Artemiou, E. Co-PI: Moffett, J.

    Comparison of clicker questions answered individually versus after peer discussion
    PI: Du Plessis

    The effect of acquisition of bovine reproductive palpation skills on small animal transabdominal palpation skills
    PI: French, H. Co-PI: Williamson, J., Roberson, J., Dascanio, J., Little, B.

    Measuring the effectiveness of workplace collaborative learning  in enhancing RUSVM students history-taking and physical exam skills
    PI: Yvorchuk, K. Co-PI: Artemiou, E.


    Iron parasitology
    PI: Mauldin-Pereira M.


    Development and assessment of clinical reasoning skills through the incorporation of Second Life
    PI: Mauldin-Pereira M. Co-PI: Artemiou, E., Sithole, F.


    Evaluation of mindfulness-based curriculum strategies within a veterinary medicine program
    PI: Artemiou, E.

One Health Center for Zoonoses and Tropical Veterinary Medicine

  • Epidemiology of toxoplasmosis in the Caribbean
    PI: Kelly, P. Co-PI: Innes, L., Katzer, F., Beierschmitt, A., Vandenplas, M., Ketzis, J.

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