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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities


Do you have some free time to give to your alma mater? Would you like to share the value of your education with prospective students and their families? Are you looking for a meaningful way to volunteer? Become an Ross Vet Alumni Ambassador today!

  • Alumni Ambassador Activities

    Alumni activities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

    • Information Seminar Speaker
    • Current Student Outreach Rep
    • On-Campus Panelist
    • White Coat Ceremony Speaker
    • Commencement Speaker
    • Email Ambassador
    • Social Media Ambassador -(Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter®)
    • Enrollment Webinar Alumni Rep
    • Prospective Student Outreach Rep
    • Clinical Representative
    • Alumni Mentor Program
    • Speaker at College Fairs
    • Transitional Program Speaker
    • Regional Chapter Leader
    • New Student Reception Event
    • Profile in Marketing Material
    • Alumni Association Council Member
    • Post Internship/Job Opportunities
    • Class Representative
    • Conference Speaker/Presenter
    • WIVC Speaker 


As alumni of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, you know that dedication breeds success. You know Ross Vet's students have a combination of commitment, compassion, and adaptability, because that’s exactly what helped you earn your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.

You now have the opportunity to help the next generation of prospective veterinary students, by leaving a legacy.

Do you know an aspiring veterinarian looking to apply to vet school, or has a potential Ross Vet student volunteered at your practice? You can help them earn an Alumni Legacy Scholarship. All it takes is a letter of recommendation for a qualified candidate.

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is offered to students who have a work/volunteer history with a Ross Vet graduate. This scholarship provides qualifying students with tuition assistance to enroll in our DVM program. It provides $5,000 towards tuition costs for the first semester. Note: Eligible Applicants who are not awarded the Alumni Legacy Scholarship will automatically be offered a $500 Alumni Book Scholarship. 

To give a referral, contact us at here at Alumni Affairs and we will be glad to help! 

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