A family and a dog walking on a beach of St. Kitts
A family and a dog walking on a beach of St. Kitts




When it comes to getting a veterinary education, where you go and who you’re with can be just as important as what you learn.  

Whether you’re a parent wanting to learn more, or a Very Important Partner (VIP) moving to St. Kitts with your student, our goal is to provide our students and their families with all the necessary supports to make the Ross Vet experience a memorable one.


We know veterinary school can be a family affair. It is important for us to help our students’ families to understand how the university works and how to access resources so you can better support your RUSVM student through their veterinary journey.

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Ross Vet’s AVMA-accredited DVM program is the opportunity for your student to study abroad while earning U.S. or Canadian veterinary credentials. Our 3.25 year curriculum prepares students to be practice-ready, emphasizing clinical communication skills, basic sciences and up close and personal interaction with small and large animals starting in your first semester.

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Get details on how to make the transition to the island as smooth as possible, from visitor visa information and required documents, to shipping, banking, insurance coverage and more.

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On campus or off, where you live is an important decision when moving to St. Kitts. Our Housing Department will work with you to arrange appropriate family housing. The Ross Vet housing advisors can recommend family-friendly neighborhoods and help you navigate your specific needs.

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Daily life in the Caribbean can look a lot like life in your hometown—with a few differences. From dining options, to transportation and places of worship, learn more about what to expect when living in St. Kitts.

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Your student’s health and wellness are our priorities. Ross Vet supports student wellness and learning through educational and health promotion services that help students create healthy lifestyles. We offer a variety of programming that touches on the nine facets of wellbeing: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, Spiritual, and Cultural Health.

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Ross Vet’s Safety and Security Department works in partnership with the campus community to maintain a safe and secure campus in St. Kitts. The department is staffed by a team of dedicated security personnel who provide 24-hour coverage to the campus and surrounding community seven days a week.

RUSVM’s Safety and Security provides outreach and education to the campus community on issues pertaining to personal safety, home and vehicle security, crisis management and emergency preparedness.


Club Information

The Very Important Partner (VIP) Club was established as a support group for spouses, partners, and significant others of students attending Ross Vet, and has grown considerably throughout the years. Many students move their entire families to St. Kitts to be with them while they pursue their education. Through the VIP Club, these family members/partners can meet others in similar situations in a supportive and fun environment.

VIP Coordinators

VIP Coordinator Quinton Bottoms offers guidance to other VIPs on transitioning to the island and provides positive support throughout the duration of your stay at Ross Vet. Colleen Govia is our VIP Advisor who works in the Housing Department. Colleen works along with the VIP Coordinators in addition to managing all VIP visa extensions.

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Colleen Govia

VIP Visitor Visa Requirements

U.S. visitors to St. Kitts and Nevis may receive up to six (6) months upon entry before they are required to obtain a visitor visa. Other countries vary from one month to three months. At the end of the six (6) months, U.S. visitors are required to obtain a visitor visa if they wish to continue residing on the island.  

VIPs who need to apply for or renew the visitor visa can visit the Housing Office in Tegreman Hall 111 to complete and submit their visitor visa documents.

The following items are to be presented to Administration for the Visa Application process:

  • Application form
  • Passport  
  • Passport-sized photo  
  • Visa Application fee  
  • Travel Itinerary  
  • Marriage certificate OR divorce decree (if applicable)

While there are no medical requirements for persons entering and staying on the island, we strongly recommend that your Tetanus, Hepatitis A & B are up-to-date.

Ensure that your visitor visa is renewed within two weeks of expiring.

Note: It is an offense to be in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis without a valid visitor visa. An expired visa can lead to deportation.

Visa questions may be directed to Colleen Govia cgovia@rossvet.edu.kn.

VIP Employment

Employment in St. Kitts is strictly regulated by work permits, although there are opportunities to volunteer in St. Kitts for those who want to keep their resumes up to date. When you arrive on the island you can look into these options. Career opportunities at Ross Vet can be found through the Ross Vet careers page.

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