Veterinarian checking a dog's eyes
Veterinarian checking a dog's eyes

RUSVM is a lifelong experience

Over 6,000 Ross Vet Alumni


Our mission is to foster a robust community of active alumni through encouraging lifelong relationships with each other and with RUSVM.

Incorporating alumni in the life of the school, eliciting a sense of institutional pride and enhancing the perceived value of a Ross Vet degree. We aspire to be the primary provider of the life long experience by connecting alumni, students, faculty, and staff in valuable and meaningful ways. 

Mary Mauldin


Once a Rossie, always a Rossie! I want to extend a warm welcome to our new graduates and give a big THANK YOU to our more established alumni for all that you continue to provide to our Rossie family. Our alumni community is one devoted family, many remaining friends and colleagues following graduation and continuing throughout their careers within the veterinary profession. Our most active ambassadors are Ross Alumni who promote the school amongst prospective students, lead by example with extraordinary professional reputations, and contribute to the veterinary society at large. Our alumni are mainly based across the U.S. and Canada, however some are located internationally which spreads Ross’ reach even further.

As a RUSVM alumna, ’05, I have been serving the University for over 12 years and I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences. My time at Ross allows me to appreciate that the character of Ross graduates remains exceptional. Our graduates are recognized internationally as very competent and employers often speak about the remarkable and outstanding veterinarians that Ross produces. We always aim to keep the reputation of Ross graduates at a very high level and understand the importance as it reflects upon the Rossie family as well as the DVM program. Maintaining this standard can only be achieved with your continued support and guidance.

Being a Rossie is a lifelong experience! I cannot be more thrilled to play an important role with Alumni Relations. I embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm and plan to continue to connect our amazing alumni, students, and faculty in significant ways. 


Mary Mauldin Pereira, DVM, MSc
Assistant Dean of Alumni Relations
Associate Professor of Clinical Communication
Founder of One Love Pets, Inc.



Whether you are a new graduate or an established RUSVM graduate, these pages include a number of opportunities sent directly to RUSVM by employers. 

Assistant Dean, Alumni Relations

Dr. Mary Mauldin Pereira 
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Associate Director, Alumni Relations

Colleen Glenney 
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Fostering a robust community of active alumni through encouraging lifelong relationships with each other and with RUSVM.