Veterinarian checking a dog's eyes
Veterinarian checking a dog's eyes

RUSVM is a lifelong experience

Nearly 7,000 Ross Vet Alumni


Our mission is to foster a robust community of active alumni through encouraging lifelong relationships with each other and with RUSVM.

Incorporating alumni in the life of the school, eliciting a sense of institutional pride and enhancing the perceived value of a Ross Vet degree. We aspire to be the primary provider of the life long experience by connecting alumni, students, faculty, and staff in valuable and meaningful ways. 

Erik Peterson


I would like to extend a sincere welcome to our new graduates and share a shout-out to our founded alumni for all that you do to continue supporting our Rossie community. Our alumni community is a loyal “island” family, with many friendships and professional relationships continuing beyond graduation and throughout their veterinary professional careers. Our most engaged ambassadors are Ross Alumni who promote the school among prospective students within their clinics and at admissions recruitment events. This support is critical to the success of RUSVM!

As a RUSVM graduate, of 1998, I have worked at the RUSVM for 8 years and am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences. My time at Ross allows me to realize that the character of Ross graduates remains remarkable. The common feedback that we receive from our clinical affiliates and practice owners is that Rossies are “adaptable”. I have had many Rossies express to me that those skills of adaptability from their experience at Ross and living in St. Kitts have served them well in daily practice. We continually intend to keep the reputation of Ross graduates at a premium and understand the importance as it reflects upon Rossies and the DVM program. Maintaining this standard can only be achieved with our alumni's continued support and guidance.

Rossies are everywhere! Although the majority of our graduates work in North America, our alumni are all over the world, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China Guatemala, Venezuela, and of course St. Kitts & Nevis. Our graduates hold positions as practice owners, faculty, industry leaders, and in the military. We have alumni representing us in many state and local veterinary medical associations and we have the hopes and dreams of having a Rossie appointed as the president of the AVMA!

I am excited to share the Alumni website! On this site, you’ll be able to listen, learn, and engage with RUSVM Alumni and receive support in your professional career.

Highlights of the site to explore:

  • Career & Volunteer Opportunities
  • Continuing Education - MSc One Health degree program, the WIVC conference, and 4Med+
  • Discount Prescriptions - PromoVet
  • RUSVM Lifetime Email Account
  • Access to the RUSVM Library E-collection
  • RUSVM Branded Items- Show your Ross Vet spirit with merch from our Spirit Store
  • Document Requests - Diploma and Licensing/re-licensing letters from Registrar Service
  • RUSVM Alumni Insurance Program – Financial and insurance products for alumni

Being a Rossie is a lifelong experience! I am honored to have the opportunity to play a role in RUSVM Alumni Relations! I look forward to working with you to build a bigger “family”!

Erik Peterson, DVM, MSc

Assistant Dean of Alumni Relations
Associate Professor – Department of Clinical Sciences
Division Head – Essential Veterinary Skills Program



Whether you are a new graduate or an established RUSVM graduate, these pages include a number of opportunities sent directly to RUSVM by employers. 

Assistant Dean, Alumni Relations

Dr. Erik Peterson DVM, MSc
P.O. Box 334 
Basseterre St. Kitts West Indies 
St. Kitts, West Indies 
Phone: +1.869-465-4161 x1251

Associate Director, Alumni Relations

Phone: +1.869-465-4161 x1251

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Fostering a robust community of active alumni through encouraging lifelong relationships with each other and with RUSVM.