Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine is bringing our on-demand webinars straight to you! Whether you are looking for more information about our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program or wanting a deep dive into a wide range of veterinary specialties, now you can.

Tune in to recent interactive discussions that will kick-start your knowledge of veterinary topics, procedures, treatments, and more. Watch when you want from where you are!

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Webinar | Duration: 30 Minutes

Get all the information you need to help with your decision to pursue a degree and career in veterinary medicine in this 30-minute on-demand webinar. Watch when you want to. 

Veterinarian with a dog in a clinic
Webinar | Duration: 1 Hour

Can you guess how many common household plants are toxic to cats? Or list the signs of chocolate toxicity in dogs? Jump start your knowledge of veterinary medicine with a basic introduction to pet toxicity and poison control measures with a virtual workshop hosted by associate veterinarian for the Pet Poison Helpline, Dr. Michelle Carlino!

Veterinarian holding a snake
Webinar | Duration: 1 Hour

What do a snake, a rabbit, and a chinchilla have in common? They’ll all be examined by Ross Vet Alumnus, Dr. Mark Salemi, in this on-demand virtual workshop! Experience a day in the life of a mixed animal veterinarian, and learn the basics of conducting a routine exam on a variety of species.

Fish swimming near a reef

You’ve heard of small animal medicine and large animal medicine… but do you know what it’s like to practice fish medicine? Watch our on-demand webinar hosted by Alumnus Dr. Chad Harris to examine fascinating, real-life medical cases involving his aquatic patients, and learn all about working with marine species. 

Veterinarian checking a dog's eyes

What’s it like to treat an animal with cataracts? Find out by joining our virtual Ophthalmology Workshop, hosted by Aluma Dr. Candace Auten! Dr. Auten specializes in veterinary ophthalmology, helping treat vision and eye problems for a variety of species; some of her more common cases include tear film abnormalities, corneal disease, and surgical cataract removal.

Veterinarians helping a sea turtle on a beach

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with sharks and other aquatic species? In this on-demand session, Ross Vet Alumnus Dr. Tres Clarke, Sr. Staff Veterinarian at SeaWorld®, provides his insight on what it’s like to work with marine patients, including sharks, seals, sea turtles, and more!

Veterinarian about to conduct surgery with surgical scissors

Have you ever wondered what a “typical” day looks like for an emergency veterinarian? Well, there isn’t one! Emergency vets are exposed to a variety of critical, high-stakes cases, and no two days are ever the same. Get a glimpse of what this specialty is like with insight from Alumna Dr. Lenore Bacek, Clinical Programs Manager for BluePearl Veterinary Partners and head of its EmERge™ ER vet training program.

Dog completing obstacle course

From secret service dogs to race horses, many working animals greatly benefit from physical rehabilitation following injury. Find out what it’s like to work with these patients at our virtual Sports Medicine Seminar, hosted by Alumnus Dr. Matt Brunke!

Veterinarian examining a dog's eyes

Have you always had a passion for rescue dogs and shelter animals? Want to turn that passion into a career? Get a head start by tuning in to our on-demand session with Ross Vet Alumna and current faculty, Dr. Andrea Peda, and learn all about shelter medicine, including the basics of handling and treating canine patients!

Veterinarian holding a cat on a lab table

Clinical rotations are the part of vet school when you begin the transition from student to doctor. Curious about what to expect during this time? Here’s your chance to find out! Join this on-demand session with Ross Vet Alumna, Dr. Kaela Stellrecht, as she shares what it was like during her clinical year experience at the University of Minnesota.

Veterinarian conducting research in a lab

What if, as a student, you could contribute meaningful research to the field of veterinary medicine? You can! Join our on-demand session with current students participating in research at Ross Vet, and learn what it’s like to be involved in original research on campus. From studying canine genetic mutations, to tracking sea turtle migration patterns, hear about the myriad opportunities to get involved research that makes a difference!

Veterinarian taking care of brown horse

Regardless of what veterinary path you want to pursue, we believe in the value of exposing our students to a variety of species during their time at Ross Vet. Our Large Animal Teaching Facility houses laboratory and teaching space for—you guessed it—the large animals on campus, such as horses, donkeys, and cattle. Join this on-demand session to learn all about this facility and how Ross Vet incorporates these animals into its curriculum!

Veterinarian checking a dog's teeth

Aside from bad breath, the lack of oral care can cause more serious issues such as decay, tooth loss, and gum disease in companion animals.  But these conditions make up only a fraction of what veterinary dentists treat on a regular basis. Curious to know more about this specialty?

Veterinarian giving a dog a vaccine

Most people don't know what it's like to perform acupuncture on a snake... but you can! From pain management to respiratory problems, veterinary acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety in just about any species.

Ross Vet student smiling and posing

Do you dream of starting your own veterinary practice some day? If so, join Ross Vet alumna and practice owner Dr. Jamie Ronchetto, as she shares her experience with business ownership and gives her advice for aspiring veterinarians who would like to open their own practice one day.

A dog and a cat eating next to each other

As an aspiring veterinarian, you know that a proper diet is at the foundation of every healthy, happy patient. But with so many different kinds of pet foods out there, how do you determine which is best? Do dogs really need carbs? And just what is chicken byproduct?

Veterinarian posing with a dog

We understand that you can't exactly jump on the next plane to St. Kitts to visit our campus, so we've partnered with a few current students to take you on a virtual tour of our teaching facilities!

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We understand that the switch from Canada to St. Kitts can be scary—but Ross Vet welcomes a number of Canadian students from various provinces and territories every semester. 

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