Document Requests

Diploma and Licensing/re-licensing letters can be requested from Registrar Services.

Registrar Services accepts document requests by  mail, fax, or as a scanned email attachment as long as the request includes a hand-written signature. This type of request should include the graduate's name, date of birth, graduation year, previous name (if applicable), and the recipient information for the documents, as well as some type of contact info for the grad (phone #, email). A hand-written signature is required for all requests made by fax, mail or email.  

Contact: Email is the best ways to contact Registrar Services about these particular alumni services. Alumni are advised to add “Registrar Vet” in the subject line of their email. It will help the request be assigned more quickly.

Transcript Requests

Transcript requests are fulfilled through Parchment Exchange, a leading company in secure transcript delivery. Parchment Exchange manages processing and delivery; the school retains the official transcript data. *

To request a copy of your official transcript, please click on the link below:
Request your Transcript

Transcript Fees**
Electronic Transcripts: $5 each
Paper Transcripts: $7 each

Transcript fees are assessed regardless of transcript hold status.

For assistance ordering your transcript through Parchment, please visit the Parchment Help Center or view their short tutorial video on ordering transcripts.

*Parchment Exchange is FERPA compliant and follows federal regulations for the privacy of educational records.
**Each student will receive their first official transcript ordered through Parchment free of charge.

Diploma Reprints

Diploma reprints are fulfilled through Parchment Exchange. To request a duplicate copy of your official diploma, please click on the link below:

Licensing and Relicensing Letters

In addition to transcripts, graduates can also request letters of completion.

A letter of completion is a degree confirmation in writing on RUSVM letterhead. Transcripts and letters of completion are considered forms of degree verification, and the various state boards will accept one or all of these.

It is up to the graduate to determine the application requirements for his/her state. Graduates can request any documents needed from the school through the methods above. Licensure forms that RUSVM must complete can be submitted by mail, fax or email. Forms requiring applicant signature must be completed and signed before forwarding to RUSVM for completion.

The American Association of Veterinary State Boards has a thorough directory that also outlines some licensure requirements for states and some foreign agencies. The most reliable source of information is in the licensing board directory. The directory can be found here:


Document requests take 3-5 business days to process and are sent out by regular mail, so alumni should be cognizant of application deadlines when submitting requests.

Official transcripts can be sent electronically or by mail through Parchment. Letters and diploma copies can be mailed, faxed, or emailed. Alumni should check with any third parties, such as licensing boards, to make sure they will accept an emailed/faxed copy over a hard copy.

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