360˚Virtual Tour of Ross Vet Campus

Take a 360˚ tour of campus without leaving the comfort of your home. While the video plays, click and drag the video frame to see more. 

Explore the island

St. Kitts is located at the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, offering breathtaking views of both, as well as the Nevis Peak and plenty of beaches.

Scenic view overlooking St. Kitts and a background of mountains.
A scenic view of the mountains of St. Kitts.
A wide view of the prep school building with water and mountains in the background.
An old, weathered, wooden sign post with the names of cities all over the world, and the distance in miles.
An aerial view of the Ross campus courtyard with picnic tables and palm trees.
Students walking and sitting in the courtyard.
Students sitting and working at tables on an outdoor campus patio.
On-Campus Dining

Students enjoy eating and studying outside in our courtyard and picnic area near the student union. Plenty of on-campus dining options are available through our student union, as well as independent "shacks" that offer a variety of foods at reasonable prices.

Two students sit studying at picnic tables outside.
Students talking and studying at a tall bench overlooking the ocean.
Student Life

Between schoolwork, student organizations, student government traditions, and tourist activities around the St. Kitts and Nevis, there is always plenty to fill your time at Ross Vet.

A clock-tower and palm tree in the center of an intersection in a town.
Students sitting on reclining chairs under grass canopies at the beach.
Student with a bag walking up a brightly colored, pink and green concrete walkway.
On-Campus Housing

From just about anywhere on the island, you can catch a glimpse of the ocean, but our on-campus housing provides a breathtaking view—a much-deserved stress-buster for hardworking veterinary students.

Wide view of colorful buildings with water in the background.
Wide view of colorful buildings with water in the background.
A teacher instructs students in a classroom as they use microscopes.
High-tech Classrooms

Ross Vet students enjoy high-quality education in classrooms outfitted with the latest in educational technology. From day one, students experience hands-on learning in the clinical skills and microscopy labs. Students in advanced semesters take advantage of our anatomy lab, simulation center, pastures, large-animal facilities, and even our on campus veterinary clinic.

Professor instructing a classroom of students with microscopes.
Students sitting with microscopes in a classroom.
A teacher and a Ross Vet sudent wearing lab coats in a classroom.
A woman in a lab coat placing a cat on an examination table.
Student reading from a textbook in a classroom, surrounded by animal skelaton models.
Ross Vet students wearing lab coats and performing exams at tables in a classroom.
A woman in work clothes walking through a group of donkeys.
Two women in work clothes examining a row of cattle.
A horse wearing a hood and standing in a pasture.
Two veterinarians working with samples in a research lab.
Research Labs

DVM students can apply to join their instructors and postgraduate degree students in research projects, as well as take on other research opportunities on campus. Many students find a passion that they never knew they would have in research, and enjoy the extra time in small groups with faculty. Ross Vet has several research labs, including a necroscopy lab and ultrasound room.

Two women working in a lab.
Two women discussing an ultrasound image on a monitor.
Two Ross Vet students working with chemicals under a hood.
A Bird's-eye view

Explore our maps page to get a sense of the campus layout, views of the island, and where St. Kitts lies in the Caribbean.

A group of white birds perched in a tree with the ocean in the background.