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Clinical Year

Once you've reached the time to begin your clinical training at RUSVM, you'll find it is unique in the diversity it offers.

The clinical year consists of three semesters at an AVMA-accredited school of veterinary medicine in the US, Canada, or international school affiliated with RUSVM. During this year, you'll take the same rotations, and will be evaluated and treated the same as our partner school's own students, while remaining enrolled in and graduating from RUSVM. As our future colleagues in the veterinary profession, both RUSVM and our partner schools work hard to ensure your success upon graduation.

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“The doctors here expect a lot from us and give us responsibility over all cases, whether in a house or on a farm. Having actual responsibility has been a great highlight of my experience here at Murdoch.”

– Sarrah Cisneros (‘16) Clinical Year at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

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