Rossie Resilience: RUSVM Launches Fall 2020 Alumni Magazine

Dec 28, 2020

The past year has challenged and stretched us in ways we never could have imagined.  It is a world that has forever, dynamically shifted; yet, we have continued to persevere, grow and show up with courage. Our Ross Vet students, colleagues, and alumni have lived up to two words - words that they embody on a daily basis: Rossie Resilience.

Highlighting not just Rossie Resilience, but the rich diversity of our alumni and the leadership they bring across the breadth of the profession, Ross Vet is proud to launch our Fall 2020 Alumni Magazine. Thank you to our many alumni for contributing to this issue. We are proud to feature Dr. Yesenia Fernandez ’03, Dr. Chantel Raghu ’12, Dr. Lynlee Stevey-Rindenow ’20, and Debra Smatt (nee Szpicek) ’02 and their rich journeys in and outside of their veterinary roles. We also want to congratulate our alumni who continue to develop in the field, taking on leadership roles and finding innovative ways to treat patients and stay on top of the profession during a global pandemic.

“While these are unprecedented times, we hope this issue allows us all to continue to embrace, celebrate, and acknowledge our alumni in the truly amazing work they do that benefits not only animals, but humans as well,” said Dr. Mary Mauldin Pereira ’05.  

Ross Vet Magazine Fall 2020

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