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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Vanessa Mitchell ‘11

Jul 02, 2021

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross Vet) alumna Vanessa Mitchell ’11, knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from the time she was 5 years old living in Boston. After a horse she was riding cut his leg, she watched intently as a veterinarian skillfully treated the wound. She was hooked and immediately began envisioning her career.

More than a decade later, Ross Vet became an easy choice for the aspiring veterinarian, and she never even applied to any schools in the United States. Living in the Caribbean for four years would provide the adventure, experience and amazing education she was seeking in a veterinary school.

Looking back, Dr. Mitchell hesitates to cite any memory as her favorite, but she quickly points out that she especially loved that RossVet was like a family and fondly recalls celebrating Thanksgiving with friends at Ross.

Since 2015, Dr. Mitchell has been employed by Companion Animal Clinic in Blacksburg, Virginia, owned by VetEvolve. “This is the place that has been the best for me as a veterinarian in my 10 years of practice,” she reflects. “It provides the support and opportunity for me to find balance and thrive in my practice.”

Among many things, Dr. Mitchell particularly loves to do dentals on animals. And she’s become known for performing surgery while singing loudly to pop music from the ‘90s and early 2000s –and especially her absolute favorite, Adele.

Dr. Mitchell lives in Christiansburg, Virginia, with her husband James, son Weston;, felines Pippa, Ella and Baxter, and canines Riley and Tara. Her advice to students: “Find a great support base! This is a very stressful job, so find a practice that will nurture you and help you grow.”

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