An Educator at Heart

Feb 02, 2021
Dr Erika Little

While making bold decisions has served  Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine’s (Ross Vet) Dr. Erika Little professionally, it’s been the result of her decisions that have impacted the lives of hundreds of students, community members, and peers along the way.

Originally from Walnut Creek, California, Dr. Little moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University.  She then made the bold decision to move to the Caribbean to begin her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) training at Ross Vet in St. Kitts.  Dr. Little received her DVM degree from Kansas State University, followed by her residency and Master of Science degree at Auburn University, becoming a board-certified Large Animal Surgeon in 2007.  Dr. Little then returned to private practice.

Erika and Jada

Following her attendance at the West Indies Veterinary Conference in 2011, the call of academia (and St. Kitts) returned to Dr. Little.  And to the benefit of the Ross Vet community, Dr. Little made her next bold move, returning to St. Kitts in 2013.

Dr. Little joined the Ross Vet faculty of veterinary professionals and researchers. “While in practice, I found I enjoyed teaching interns and was looking to give back to my school,” Dr. Little shared of her decision. 

Seven years later, Dr. Little continues to teach and conduct clinical research all while she advanced her professional development with the completion of her Master of Business Administration degree in 2020.  Additionally, the Ross Vet team proudly welcomed Dr. Little to its leadership team with her appointment to Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Professional Opportunities, in January 2021.

 “I’m proud of becoming a veterinarian despite many challenges and I’m proud of taking advantage of the many avenues afforded me by the profession.”  Always the educator at heart, Dr. Little adds, “My favorite experiences serving in the community include watching the transformation in the students as they become more confident and comfortable in their surgical knowledge and being around horses (and donkeys).  It’s rewarding to watch as the light bulb clicks on the first time they understand a concept or procedure.”

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