Humans of Ross Vet – Ashley Bowser

Sep 22, 2020

Like most veterinarians, Ashley Bowser grew up with a passion for animals. Combined with her love for science and medicine, attending veterinary school was a no-brainer. 

It was during her college experience that she realized that she was drawn to equine medicine.

“It’s satisfying to see horses not only get better from an ailment but be able to return to their previous level of performance. Horses can be intimidating to some, but I appreciate the extra challenge that comes with treating large animals.”

Now in her 6th semester, Ashley will soon perfect her skills with large animals on the island through her hands-on experience. Until then, she’s busy studying for the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) and finding her rhythm with online learning.

“Taking classes online was a lot harder than I expected. I think the most important thing for me was setting a daily routine and making a list of things I needed to get done every day. So, even though I was back home, this kept me from feeling like I was on vacation.

I also created a small area that was designated just for class and studying. I found myself too tempted to nap or put on Netflix when I tried studying in bed. When I needed a revamp in motivation, I would go study at my favorite coffee shop (while social distancing of course). A little change of scenery is always beneficial for my mood.

I’ve also prioritized my health. This includes eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Working out really helps to lower my stress, so keeping up with a good workout routine played a vital part in getting me through this online semester.”

Ashley Bowser is a recipient of the Empower Scholarship Fund and can be found on Instagram (@_bowowser) chronicling her journey through veterinary school.

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