Humans of Ross Vet – Jessica Guyett

Sep 08, 2020

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas 

Your favorite spot on island: South Friars Bay 

Studies before Ross Vet: Bachelor's in biomedical science, Sam Houston State University 

Graduation Year: 2021 

When Jessica Guyett left Fort Worth, Texas, becoming a Veterinarian was her primary purpose for attending Ross Vet. Jessica quickly discovered that the University offered much more than a degree.   

“Ross Vet has given me the incredible opportunity to follow my dream. Besides that, I love the massive sense of community. I have made so many friends, many I now consider as my “island family”.  

Now in her fifth semester, Jessica can be found honing her leadership skills while working with her classmates as the class representative for Student American Veterinarian Medical Association (SAVMA) and providing free veterinary care to the animals of St. Kitts.  

 “Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventure (VIDA) was the first organization I joined while in Vet Prep. I really valued how the faculty taught me that I can still help the community and the animals while working with minimal resources. I've enjoyed the work in the community so much that I will be traveling with the VIDA international team in December to Costa Rica.  

 I’ve had the opportunity to accompany VIDA on several Saturday trips around the island. One experience that continues to stand out the most was with a terminally ill patient who was 14 years old suffering from Mammary Gland tumors. The family and the dog were incredibly sweet, you could tell the bond was very strong, but they were faced with a difficult decision that day. The struggle to decide when to say goodbye will always be the most challenging part of the human and non-human loved one relationship. It was truly a privilege to be there for the family during that difficult time.”  

Even with her experiences in the community, Jessica credits her work as a student orientation leader as her best experience on the island to date.   

 “It was an absolute blast serving as an orientation leader. I had so much fun meeting new students, especially being able to relate to their situation having once been through it. Being in a position to guide them around campus and island life was pretty great!”   

Success through Positivity  

“I learned quickly after the first semester that remaining positive is the only way to make it through this program successfully. This dream is a difficult one, but it is okay to not be perfect and sometimes you will fail, but you will encounter so many more spectacular accomplishments that outweigh the negatives.”  

Mental Well-being and University Resources  

“Since COVID, continuing our education in an online learning format has presented many challenges but one thing I believe that has helped my overall well-being is sticking with a routine. To keep my stress levels down, I take guilt-free breaks throughout the day. I realized pretty quickly how crucial it is to get fresh air each day, so I start each morning by walking my dog Zailah at the park, eating as much colorful food as I can, and Facetiming with my friends or family who are isolated during COVID- because social interaction is so crucial to our health. The last thing, but one of the most important is my mental health. I am so grateful that Ross Vet offers the My SPP for individualized counseling. I find this extremely helpful as I still at times suffer from imposter syndrome especially with difficult semesters.”   

The Unwritten Future  

While Jessica is still undecided on the direction of her career, she is open to becoming a specialist in cardiology or orthopedics and possibly opening a hospice care mobile service, helping clients and their pets with end of life care.  

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