From Dean Callanan: Ross Vet No Longer Requiring the GRE

Mar 03, 2023

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross Vet) recently made the choice to no longer require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission. While we value to GRE in our assessment, this adjustment opens the door to students from a broader range of educational and cultural backgrounds. 


Every student’s journey is unique, and we strive to look at the whole person—their passion and potential—not just their GRE score. Here’s how our inclusive application process will help us identify those who have what it takes to become outstanding veterinarians:

  1. Expedited application process. Prospective students don’t have to wait on GRE scores to submit their applications.
  2. Reduced financial burden. The high cost of the GRE and test prep materials will no longer be a barrier for those from less privileged backgrounds.
  3. Increased diversity and inclusion. Removing the GRE requirement will expand our pool of applicants, creating a more balanced, culturally competent student body. 


At Ross Vet, we have an exceptional track record of preparing students to practice in our interconnected, diverse world. We believe that the more information we have about potential students, the better. That’s why we still recommend submitting a GRE score. 

No applicant will be penalized for not submitting a GRE score, but in most cases, including a GRE score will strengthen an application. All applications will be evaluated using undergraduate GPA, recommendations, and personal essays.

I look forward to seeing how this change strengthens our program and helps our students continue to meet the challenges of the future.

Sean Callanan, MVB, CertVR, MRCVS, PhD, FRCPath, DiplECVP
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

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