Katherine Bausmith

Katherine Bausmith

May 26, 2020

Fifth-semester student/Social Media Ambassador

“I love Ross Vet because it has allowed me to experience things that I would never be able to at another veterinary school. Beyond having the opportunity to join clubs such as Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventure (VIDA) to help local animals or do hands-on labs early on in my veterinary education, Ross has also introduced me to island living, and the true meaning of “Rossie Resiliency.”

My journey before Ross Vet:

I started my pre-vet education at Hunterdon County Polytech in the pre-vet curriculum during high school, and then went to Penn State University to achieve my B.S in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. Throughout high school and undergraduate studies, I worked at Paw Prints Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey as a small animal veterinary technician. Then I moved to St. Kitts and have been here for a little over a year! 

Katherine’s fun facts:

I live on a small farm with goats and chickens, but I also have 5 dogs including my coconut retriever “Rigby” from St. Kitts! 

Katherine’s top tips:

  • Studying is easier (and more fun) when you can bounce ideas off your friends, and it’s a great way to stay motivated too!
  • If you are a visual learner like me, it helps to draw pictures and make your notes neat and colorful. This will help you remember the information, which helps for recall on exams, as well as long term memory.
  • Don’t forget to take healthy breaks in between studying! My favorite is to walk on the golf course with the dogs; It’s the best way to clear my mind and prepare myself for another study session. 

My favorite spot on the Island: Although I love all the beaches in St. Kitts, Shipwreck will always be one of my favorites. There’s nothing better than heading to Shipwreck with all my friends, humans and dogs alike, and relaxing after a long week of classes and exams. 

Katherine Bausmith is a Ross Vet Social Media Ambassador. Follow her journey through veterinary school on Instagram @katie_bausmith.

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