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Checking in With ... Meghan Gagnon

Nov 13, 2018

You attended a great school in Canada, McGill University, but you actually left early to attend Ross Vet.

Yes, I only completed a year of undergrad, but I do believe that coming to Ross Vet at the time I did was the right choice for me


What makes you say that?

Although McGill is a great school, they do not offer a veterinary program and lack many programs in the field of animal science. I don’t want that to be taken as if I am bad mouthing the school in anyway because, honestly, I really did enjoy my time at McGill and think it is an incredible school.


That being said, I made the decision to leave because I felt as if there were no programs suited to the path I wanted to take with my education.


Was it a hard decision?

It was, but I made the choice to leave the comfort of my home (for the first time) to have memorable experiences at a school that offers a wide range of clubs and classes I would not have been able to experience at McGill or any school in my area.


How do you feel about that decision now in your second semester at Ross Vet?

I think it was an excellent decision to start pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian.


Has it been hard to communicate with friends and family back home?

No. I talk to my parents almost every day on video messaging apps, and I talk to my siblings at least every other day on social media.


I’ve had more trouble staying in communication with my friends because they’re at many different universities and have different schedules. It has been hard to find a time that suits both parties. That being said, I still try and communicate with them at least every week or two.


You mentioned the clubs. Which ones are you in?

Only the Equine Club right now, but I plan on joining more in the semesters to come.


Now why the Equine Club?

I am a horse girl; always have been. Horses are an important part of my life, and I am very happy I got the opportunity to incorporate them into my island life. 


I take it you’re hoping to incorporate them into your long-term career, as well?

Definitely. I plan on being an Equine Vet.


I would also love to have a specialty, but I haven’t yet decided which field or branch I will end up pursuing. Fortunetely, being only 19 years old, I have all the time in the world to further my education and become the best I can be. I know it is never too early to gain knowledge, especially in a field that interests you, but I’ve always been told that school is the best time in your life. So why give that up?


Sounds like you’re enjoying school and island life. Any favorite experiences?

My favorite experience on island actually happened my first week here. During orientation week, the school took us on a half-day catamaran trip to snorkel around a sunken ship. I got to see many different fish species, but the most memorable moment was swimming with sea turtles. At one point, I came across a turtle grazing and must have stayed in the same spot 15 minutes watching. As I swam around trying to get closer it was completely unfazed by my presence and stayed near me until I had to get back to join my group. It was an experience to cherish!


How do you get around on the island?

I do not own a car. Instead, I decided to live near campus so I could walk to school. When I need to go to the grocery store I either get a ride from a friend or take the bus. Other than that I rely on taxis to get around the island. My favorite driver is Rodney.


Now the tough question: Best place to eat on campus?

My favorite place to eat on campus really depends on my mood. I would say if I wanted a full meal that is also a slightly healthier option, Spice Shack is the place to go. On the other hand, if I’m looking for celebratory junk food I would gravitate towards Burger shack.


And off campus?

Hands down, BOBSYS takes first place. The guava BBQ wings are to die for!


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