Six Questions with Bryanna Souza

May 26, 2020

Before joining Ross Vet, Bryanna Souza completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Nevada, Reno in Veterinary Science with a Masters in Animal Nutrition in 2016. After graduating, she started working for a small animal clinic and worked weekends with a beef cattle veterinarian. She continued to gain hands-on experience while working at several different clinics before applying to Ross Vet.

In 2018, she was accepted into the Ross Vet Prep program and started in January of 2019.

We caught up with this Californian who is now in her fourth semester.

Why do you love RUSVM?

One of the main reasons I love Ross Vet is the sense of community we have on campus. The facility and staff are amazing and try to make everything as stress-free as possible. My semester class is very tight-knit, and I know just about everyone. I love being able to walk around campus and say hi to a bunch of students and staff. It makes the island feel like home.

What is your favorite course on the island and why?

Anatomy! I love everything about it! From the smell of the lab, to the professors, and the material. I find it so fascinating to be able to see what’s “within” the animal. It makes you put together connections from all the other classes we have.

Favorite spot on island

My favorite spot on the island would have to be Majors Bay. It’s a quiet and beautiful beach! I love going and it’s very easy to bring my pups!

A great experience you had on the island

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had on the island would probably be attending the Mango festival in Nevis. It was amazing to be able to hop over to our neighboring island, eat and socialize with the locals. It was a great experience.

How do you remain so positive and maintain your mental health during the program?

I live vicariously through memes and GIFs. Kidding. No, but I just try and understand that we are all in this together, and it is okay to feel overwhelmed. I also try to take things day by day and realize that things could always be worse. I’m here doing something that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember, and I’m just grateful for this opportunity.  

How can students be successful in the program?

This program is challenging, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But that’s the point, it is not easy becoming a doctor, and it shouldn’t be or everyone would do it. Just try to stay on top of the material. Make things relatable and put the connections together from other classes, it makes it much easier to learn. Find groups to study with and talk things out. Most importantly, utilize your resources like your professors, TA, and fellow students!

Bryanna Souza is the mom of two island pups, Ebi and Uni, and an active member of the Surgery club as well as SVECCS. After graduating, she intends to become an internal medicine surgeon and open her clinic. She also has eyes on owning a mini Jersey cow too!

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