Make the Most of Your Time Here

Oct 14, 2019

You’ve arrived on island. You’re excited about your classes and getting hands-on. You’re ready to pursue your dream of a career in veterinary medicine.

But what if you want more?

There’s nothing wrong with joining us and solely dedicating yourself to your studies. After all, we want you to succeed in the classroom. But you will probably be missing out on some amazing opportunities both Ross Vet and St. Kitts can offer you; some that can even help your career.

Here are just a few ways students expand their horizons once joining us on the island.


Class Representative and Student Ambassadors

Every incoming class has class representatives who are part of the Ross Vet Student Government. Your class representatives ensure your concerns are raised, communicated and resolved within due course. So by being this, you become the link between the Ross Vet Student Government and our university leaders.

Even if this isn’t your thing, we still highly suggest you get to know the persons who will represent your class and share with them your thoughts and concerns.

Our Student Ambassadors are also great resources to get to know as you adjust to life on island. They are able to give you great tips and insights about everything from student clubs to how to ace your classes.


Find yourself through community work

One of the best things about Ross Vet is our strong sense of community. That goes for the campus community as well as the local community of St. Kitts, where many Rossies like yourself find ways to give back.

From the Feral Cat Project to the Vida Club, our students are advocates for animal care. In any given week, you can find them giving their skills and time to communities on island. Learn more of our student clubs here -



St. Kitts is a small island with massive opportunities, be it to unwind after a long week of exams or to go on an adventure.  

The Strip on South Frigate Bay is a common hangout for students, and the site of some intense sand volleyball tournaments. If you’re a nature lover, you may want to hike the island’s highest point – Mount Liamigua. The dormant volcano is ideal for Rossies who are up for a challenge. Or after a long day of classes, you may snorkel many of the amazing reefs surrounding the island to swim with sea turtles and more.

Our Counseling Centre also offers yoga and wellness classes to students. Learn more here -


Stay in the know

There’s ALWAYS something happening on campus. Fortunately, there are couple ways (beyond word of mouth) to always hear about the various activities.

Bladder Chatter is the student-owned newsletter that captures key presentations you may want to attend, scholarship updates, notices from the Student Government and fun facts about Rossies on and off campus. Plus, it’s posted in all the bathrooms (hence the name), so you can’t miss it.

The Student Experience newsletter is great for student story features. Read the latest editions here:

And every Wednesday, check your email for a special newsletter from the Dean, as he shares his thoughts about developments on campus and within the field. 

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