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RUSVM Donates Scientific Laboratory Tables to St. Kitts Schools

Nov 17, 2016

Just in time for the new school year, five St. Kitts schools received a donation of scientific laboratory tables donated by Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine for use in their science classrooms.

The 38 tables were delivered in September to Washington Archibald High School, Basseterre High School, Cayon High School, Charles E. Mills Secondary School, and Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College for use in their integrated science laboratories.

The donation was led by Dr. Glen Wakley, Associate Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, and Dr. Mathias Afortu-Ofre, RUSVM Lab Manager at RUSVM, who assisted with sourcing and the logistics of delivering the tables to the schools.

“We hope that the donation of the tables will help improve the standard of the laboratories, as well as enhance the scientific practical experience of students,” said Dr. Afortu-Ofre.

The scientific laboratory tables have a variety of uses for science classes, including within chemistry and biology laboratories. The stainless steel tables are durable and resistant to chemicals or solutions. In addition, the wheels provide mobility, allowing the lab to be configured around the class’s needs, rather than the traditional fixed immovable benching in most schools.  

“This means a biology class can not only be held in the classroom, but also in the school yard or even be taken out to the field where tables would create excellent benching, and provide a safe secure basis for equipment like a microscope or a weighing balance,” said Dr. Glen Wakley. “Also, a class can be set up for science, and then the table can be moved to the side of the room to allow it to be used for other lessons.”

Dr. Afortu-Ofre also gave a presentation to students after the donation ceremonies on the positive effect of education and science on individual lives and the larger community.

“Mr. Afortu-Ofre spoke to a number of students, providing them motivation for working in the sciences, letting them know how interesting the field is, and what they can accomplish if they apply themselves,” said Mr. Boris Connor, Principal of Charles E. Mills Secondary School. “We are happy for the donation and we hope our partnership with Ross continues.”

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