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Student Spotlight: Delia Large-Hart

Jan 29, 2019

Before moving to St. Kitts with her Jack Russel Terrier, Truffle, first semester Rossie, Delia Large-Hart, worked in veterinary diagnostics and endocrinology research. After fourteen years of work, she made the decision to return to school to complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree program at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) – a decision she is happy she made.

“I’m happy to transition into the field of veterinary medicine through completing my education here. RUSVM provides a plethora of opportunities working with animals.  I’m looking forward to gaining hands-on experience I would not have been able to get in many other places.  So far, my transition to the island and university culture has been amazing.  I’m still getting used to a relaxed environment while still studying at a fast pace. At first, it was challenging, but it has made my mentality better for it.”

Delia enjoys the cultural diversity and warmth of St. Kitts and has already begun exploring the hidden treasures of the island.

A few of her favorite things to do include hiking the Nevis Peak and Mount Liamigua volcano, the two highest peaks on St. Kitts and Nevis. She also enjoys racing at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and running in several island marathons. Her love for adventure has led her to run the entire island of St. Kitts and the peninsula – why? Because she simply loves running. She began running five years ago and was hooked after she participated in a trail half marathon in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky. Since then she has been running with Truffle, her coach, who runs up to 30 miles at a time, and is proud to have run 90 miles in the mountains of Virginia.

“Running makes me happy.  And I love to see new places and meet cool people.  It’s a way to see parts of the island you may not know.  I use running as a way to explore.” 

“When I decided to come to school here, I started planning how to run around the whole island and then around the peninsula.  I had a couple of friends who agreed to run as well – Rossie, Hannah Adamson ran 30 miles around island main road; it was her longest run to date and she crushed it.  Rossie, Audrey Bolanos agreed to run the peninsula with me so I’d have a friend in the evening.  Then when Jeffrey Fazio, student engagement and professional standards specialist - RUSVM, found out about the run, he offered to follow on his scooter and be a mobile aid station!  His wife also joined us.  Running the entire island would not have been possible without their help and encouragement. I’m also happy that while I was running, I received good mornings, high fives, and friendly honks from locals.”  

Already, this Florida native has her eyes on running in the next island marathon.

“I can be having the most stressful day.  And if I take even thirty minutes to run, it clears my head and completely relaxes me.  It’s like a reset button for my brain.  I can focus better and am truly in a better emotional state after a good run.  This does not mean sprint- unless you like sprinting!  But going out and having the time either by myself or with a group of friends, is key to feeling good. I will absolutely keep running and I encourage other Rossies to actively engage in a relaxing sport or activity. It is important to continue practicing mental and physical wellness while taking care of our animal friends!”

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