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Financial Aid

Going to veterinary school is a big decision, and a big financial commitment. We understand.

At Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, we strive to provide students with the financial support and counseling they need to qualify for loans and obtain cost-effective housing during their seven semesters on our St. Kitts campus.

If you're passionate about entering the world of veterinary medicine, don't let financial obstacles stop you from applying to RUSVM. Instead, let's figure out how to get them out of your way.

Email us at finaid@rossu.edu if you'd like to discuss your financial situation, so we can work together and find a plan that's right for you.

Am I eligible for financial aid? Complete our financial aid checklist to find out.

Financing Your Veterinary Education

Typically, students finance the cost of their veterinary school education by combining family resources, student loans from governmental and other agencies, and private sources. You can borrow for up to the per-semester cost of attendance.

  • US citizens and eligible non-citizens are eligible to receive federal student loans through the Federal Direct Loan Program, which includes the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. Detailed descriptions of these loans, plus instructions on how to apply for them, are available in our financial aid Q&A, in the Tools and Resources section below.
  • Canadian citizens may be eligible for loans through the Canadian government and/or private loan programs. Please refer to the Financial Planning Guide for Canadian Students for more information.
  • All interested applicants can apply for one of our scholarships.

How We Guide You Through the Process

The Office of Student Finance assists students in applying for aid. Our dedicated staff is happy to:

  • Help with the financial aid application process
  • Provide information to prospective and enrolled students
  • Communicate with other financial aid colleagues on students' behalf

Financial Aid Tools and Resources

Explore financial aid resources below:

Search more than 7,500 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities at:

Scholarship opportunity:

Contact Information

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Student Finance
3005 Highland Parkway
4th Floor
Downers Grove, IL
United States
Fax: 732-509-4821
Email: finaid@rossu.edu

Student Loan Code Of Conduct

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine observes the federal regulations regarding student loan requirements.

Code of Conduct agreements were designed to create and ensure uniform student loan practices that focus on the best interest of borrowers. In these documents, restrictions are defined to manage the relationships among school employees, learning institutions, lender advisory board members, and student loan organizations. Students are encouraged to review the Code of Conduct agreements to learn more about the requirements governing loan regulations.

Student Finance Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct

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