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WIVC2019 Speaker List

This year's sessions include nutrition, surgery (small and large animal), radiology (small and large animal), immunology and vaccinations, wildlife, communication, business and management.

The program is designed to provide relevant information to veterinarians and veterinary technicians for every day practice. RUSVM is delighted to bring together expert speakers to St. Kitts.

Meet our 2019 Speakers

  • Larry Alexander, healthcare management and finance leader (generously sponsored by First Financial Bank)
  • Dr. Heather Barron, renowned exotics and wildlife expert
  • Dr. Heather Berst, veterinary communication specialist (generously sponsored by Zoetis)
  • Dr. Sarah Cavanaugh, board-certified cardiologist
  • Dr. Callie Fogle, board-certified equine surgeon
  • Dr. Jonathan Fogle, board-certified internal medicine specialist and expert immunologist
  • Dr. Jennifer Gambino, board certified radiologist
  • Dr. Wade Gingerich, board-certified veterinary dentist
  • Dr. Kevin McAbee, board-certified small animal surgeon, specializing in orthopedics
  • Dr. Alison Morton, board-certified equine surgeon and sports medicine expert
  • Dr. Becky Mullis, board-certified nutritionist (generously sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition)
  • Dr. Nancy Loes, nutrition expert (generously sponsored by Nutramax)
  • Dr. Susannah Sample, board-certified surgeon and researcher on laryngeal paralysis, genetic diseases and early gonadectomy
  • Dr. Ibrahim Shokry, toxicologist and toxic plant expert
  • Dr. John Tait, former President of AAHA and veterinary business specialist