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Health Insurance


Ross Vet requires all students to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at the University.

To that end, the University makes a health insurance plan available to its students, their legal spouses, and dependents. Students must either be enrolled in the Ross Vet sponsored medical plan or prove coverage under another plan.

Ross Vet requires all students to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at the University. To that end, the University makes a health insurance plan available to its students, their legal spouses, and dependents. Students must either be enrolled in the Ross Vet sponsored medical plan or prove coverage under another qualified plan.

The coverage year is from August 25, 2022 of the current year to August 26, 2023. The coverage year is broken into three trimesters for billing. You may find more information on MyRoss Vet Community Portal.

New students are automatically enrolled in health insurance coverage once they are billed for their first semester of tuition and are responsible for those insurance charges unless they provide a valid insurance waiver during the open waiver period. Please be sure to verify your enrollment status at the start of each billing period. Insurance for all registered students will continue to be charged until the student officially graduates or is permanently withdrawn from the University. Please note that the completion of the clinical year does not constitute official graduation. Please contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm your official graduation date.

Students attending Ross Vet clinical affiliates must learn about the health insurance requirements at their affiliate. Some affiliates require that you accept their institutional insurance, and you may have to apply for a waiver from the Ross Vet health insurance plan during the fall open waiver period.


The insurance rate is $1026.00 per semester for the 2022-2023 plan year. Insurance rates include an administration fee.

Insurance is automatically billed to all students at the start of each semester when enrollment charges post to their account.

Insurance charges will appear on your account as a separate item titled “Health Insurance.” Account summaries may be obtained by logging into myROSS. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure this insurance enrollment or waiver information is current.

Please Note:

The coverage period may not coincide with the exact start/end dates for the year at the clinical university. This may result in an additional insurance charge after Semester 10 to ensure you have health insurance coverage until the end of your clinical year. If the end of your clinical year is within 30 days of the start of the coverage period and you have not used the coverage, you may request this charge be waived by e-mailing If the coverage was used, you are responsible to pay the charge prior to graduation.


Continuing students (which includes students returning from leave), may waive coverage only once per year during the Fall enrollment period. Students who have their own coverage or are covered by a parent or spouse’s insurance plan may apply to waive the RUSVM provided insurance during the open waiver period by completing an electronic waiver application on the Aetna Student Health website. Once a waiver is applied to a student’s account, the waiver remains in effect until the end of the summer semester or until a student requests to be reinstated in the University-sponsored insurance plan. Continuing student waivers will be accepted at the start of the open waiver period (August 15) up until the waiver deadline (September 30). Waivers received after the deadline cannot be accepted. Incomplete or late waivers received by Aetna Student Health will not be processed, and students will be billed insurance for the remainder of the academic year (August to August)


Students transitioning from basic sciences to a clinical site in the U.K. for 6 months or more, and have a U.K. Residence Permit Card, can elect to waive University sponsored health insurance by providing the Office of Student Finance with a copy of their Residence Permit Card which includes valid dates, during the semester you want to waive insurance

Any Student whose U.K. Residence Permit Card expires during a semester will be enrolled in University sponsored Health Insurance at the cost of $1026.00 for that semester,  These students will then be given an opportunity to waive this insurance during the next open wavier period.


Students who have previously waived the University-sponsored insurance must submit an electronic reinstatement form available by logging into myROSS. You must file reinstatement requests promptly to avoid any gaps or lapses in insurance coverage.


At the beginning of each coverage period, you may elect additional coverage for their legal spouse and/or dependent(s) at your own cost. For this additional coverage, you must fill out the online Enrollment Form available from Aetna Student Health. All premiums for spouse or dependent coverage must be made directly to Aetna Student Health. For further information on spouse and dependent coverage, including application due dates please visit the Aetna Student Health website or call 1-877-381-3551.


Per school policy, Ross Vet must ensure all students have sufficient health insurance coverage while enrolled. It is your responsibility to notify the University once per academic year using the appropriate waiver process if you choose private coverage. You can find more information at myRoss.

If you reinstate health insurance after your degree is conferred you will be responsible for making a payment within two business days of the charge being posted to your account or your coverage will be canceled.

Basic Science Students: Health insurance charges are due no later than the effective date of the charge. The effective date of this charge is the semester start date.

Clinical Science Students: Health insurance charges are due within 30 days of the effective date. The effective date of this charge is the insurance coverage period start date. Health insurance charges are posted on a standard schedule which is usually at a different time than semester charges.


Late check-in fees may be charged by campus after late check-in has been completed and all student-submitted documentation has been reviewed. A late fee of $100 USD will be added to late check-in fees that are 30 days or more past due.


Every menu tab in myRoss, except the main menu, will indicate if a Registration Hold is present. All active holds on an account, the date the hold began, the department that issued the hold, and what processes are restricted are listed by clicking this link. Holds are removed within 3 hours of a payment in full being posted to a student’s account.


Students are charged a $25 NSF fee and have 30 days from when the charge was reversed to make payment before a $75 late fee is posted to their student account.


All students can enroll in a three payment plan each semester for an additional $35 enrollment fee. If students are up to date on payments, a late fee will not be charged. If a payment is missed or less than the total amount due at that time, a $75 late fee may be posted. Please review your student account on myRoss and then email or call 732-509-3051 with any questions or concerns


You are highly encouraged to create an Aetna Member account to easily access your personal information, print and request ID cards, and review your claims. You can also enroll in Aetna Vital Savings is a dental discount program for an additional cost. There are health programs such as vision discounts and gym discounts available.


For information on claims, coverage benefits, or to obtain a new insurance card please contact Aetna Student Health at 1-877-381-3551 FREE.

For information on emergency evacuation services and other travel benefits, please visit On Call International.