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Stanlely Mark Dennis Veterinary Library


The Stanley Mark Dennis Veterinary Library at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine provides access to a variety of library resources including the full library catalog, books, electronic databases and study spaces. Located at the bottom of campus opposite the Anatomy Lab, the library is open to both Ross Vet students and colleagues. The library staff can assist in accessing both books in the stacks, as well as electronic resources.

Electronic Resources

The EBSCO's Discover search tool will provides 24/7 access to our entire electronic collection.

Search the Ross Vet Library

Ross Vet Library Catalog

Borrowing Books

An Ross Vet ID is required to borrow library books. A maximum of 4 books is allowed at a time for each student, and a maximum of 10 for faculty.

Borrower Responsibilities
-To know all library policies
-To be financially accountable for material checked out on your record. (fines exceeding EC$30 will block you from borrowing further material)
-To know the due date or time of borrowed items. To return in good condition or renew materials by the due date or time.
-The individual to whom materials are checked-out/signed-out assumes full responsibility for their prompt and safe return to staff at the Circulation Desk.

Students with overdue library materials and/or outstanding fines will not be allowed to register for the next semester OR may not be eligible to graduate until fines are paid.

Inter-Library Loan Services (ILL)
An inter-library loan service form is embedded in our EBSCO database. Journal articles not readily available in the library collection may be accessed within 3-5 days. You can send an email, or send a full bibliographic citation to

Loan Periods
General Collection
Books on the open shelves can be borrowed for 3, 7 and 14 days. Items can be renewed for another 7 days. Reserve Collection Books on reserve can be borrowed for 48 hours and 2 hours. 48 hour check-outs are not renewable. Journal Collection Library use only.

Vacation or Semester Break Loans
General Collection Books on the open shelves may be loaned for the whole vacation/semester break; you may use the normal hold/reservation system if a book is on loan. Vacation loans are due back on the first day of the new semester. Reserve Collection Books on reserve: loaned for the usual 48 hours and 2 hours. Journal Collection Vet. Clinics N. America: loaned for the usual 3 days

Renewals and Extensions
You may renew your checked-out items by phone 465-4161 x401-1124. You can extend the due date of library materials by phone or in person at the Circulation Desk. Renewals are not accepted for recalled, overdue, course reserves, overnight and items loaned on an exception basis.

Renewals may not be allowed if you have reached the maximum renewal limit, of two times for general collection or have excessive library charges. Books only. Hold/Reservation If an item is not available because it has been checked out, a "Hold/Reservation" may be placed on the item at the Circulation Desk. An item with a “hold” request is not renewable.

Recalls and Traces
Loaned items may be recalled at any time; the items may be given an earlier due date for the current borrower. The current borrower has at least seven days of use and will be notified of the adjusted due date by written notice. To avoid overdue charges, return items on time. Late fees will be charged for recalled overdue material. Traces are to request items which could not be located within the library and which are not checked out. Library staff will search for the item for two weeks and if the item is found, it is placed on hold for seven days and a pickup notice is sent. If the item is not found the patron will be notified.


The library uses an overdue fines system to ensure maximum availability of materials. Library charges are submitted to the Accounts Division daily. Borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended if library charges exceed $30.00 EC until those charges have been paid or resolved.

Fines accrue when materials are overdue, and amounts are calculated when material is returned. A reminder notice is sent the day after the due date. If an item has been claimed by a patron as returned but the library still shows the item checked out under the patron’s name, the status is changed to claimed return. The library staff will search for it, and if the item is found, it is checked in and related fines are cancelled. If the item is not found within one month, it will be declared lost and the patron will be billed for the cost of the book, shipping and handling, and a processing fee.

Overdue book fines are to be calculated for every day that the book is in the possession of the student and absent from the library collection. This includes all holidays and weekends.

Overdue Fine Rates

General Collection $3.00 EC per day
Reserve Collection $3.00 EC per hour or part of an hour
Recalled Items $3.00 EC per day

Appeal of Library Charges

You may appeal to the library director if you believe the library charges are mistakenly assessed or extenuating circumstances warrant reduction or cancellation of the charges. A notice of overdue items is sent as a courtesy reminder. Non-receipt of an overdue notice does not exempt you from fines or charges.

Reasons generally not regarded as valid for canceling or reducing charges: Lack of knowledge of library policy. Disagreement with library fine or fee structure. Inability to pay fees and charges. Material loaned to a third party. Non-receipt or late receipt of library reminder notice. Being off island. Forgetting the due date. Term breaks, illness, leaves, vacations, exams, car problems, etc.

Lost & Damaged Material

The borrower is financially responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged library materials and/or equipment. Regardless of whether replacement or payment has been made for an item, library items remain the property of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Materials cannot be purchased from the library. We use the Medical and Health Care Books and Serials in Print to determine the replacement cost of Ross Vet books. At the time of billing, an $25.00 EC processing fee plus shipping and handling is charged for each lost item to cover costs associated with buying and cataloging a new copy.

Study and Breakout Rooms

The Library offers three group study rooms. The Library’s Food & Drink Policy is valid. New library policy on study and breakout rooms coming soon.

Computer Use and Printing

Located inside the library are 48 computers with access to Ross Vet applications, email, and the Internet. Printers are configured to print directly to the Ross Vet print kiosks. Scanners are also available in the Library for student use.

Photocopying and Other Resources

A photocopier is available for use. The cost for copies is $ .35 EC cents for letter size and $.40 EC cents for legal size. A copy card can be purchased for the cost of $2.50 EC and then credit can be added to the card in denominations of $5, $10 or $20. Questions or issues? please contact the Circulation Desk at 465-4161 x 401-1124.

SAVMA Laptop Loaner Program

As it can be challenging to replace a computer or charger in a timely manner at RUSVM, this program serves to provide Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) members with temporary equipment. All participants are expected to pursue a more permanent solution for their equipment needs while taking advantage of this program. SAVMA members who wish to use a loaner laptop may contact the library for details. All equipment must be returned to the Library in 2 weeks for inspection and reassignment as per a waiting list. Equipment is to be returned by the specified due date and time. Please save and remove all data and information needed before returning the equipment. Please return equipment to the Library during business hours. Please report any problems to the Library at 465-4161 x401-1124 or via email. Equipment and replacement cost (EC): MacBook Pro MacBook Charger ($290 EC) PC NetBook ($1290 EC) MacBook * Sleeve ($80 EC) Universal Charger ($220 EC) Repair, Replace, and Late Fees: Damages - cost of repairs, not to exceed replacement cost Stolen (with filed Police Report) - 50% of replacement cost Irreparably damaged - 100% of replacement cost Lost - 150% of replacement cost Late Fees - $5.00 EC per hour, not to exceed 150% of replacement cost

Stanley Mark Dennis Veterinary Library

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

PO Box 334 Basseterre
St. Kitts, West Indies
Phone: 869-465-4161 Ext. 4011124

Library Hours

During the Semester
Monday - Thursday - 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Friday - 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Extended hours (a week before finals) will be considered based on demand or guided by usage.

Semester Break Hours

Monday - Friday - 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED

Contact Us

Library Circulation Desk: 869-465-4161 x 401-1124
Circulation Supervisor: 869-465-4161 x401-1441
Grace Carr, Library Services Director 869-465-4161 x401-1283
Technical Services Room: 869-465-4161 x1175