Transitioning to St. Kitts

Frequently Asked Questions


We are excited to welcome you as a member of the Rossie community and look forward to supporting your academic journey.

Heading off to St. Kitts to start your DVM program at Ross Vet is an exciting time. As you prepare for your move to campus, we encourage you to review all University emails and communications carefully. We have outlined all the information you will need to make your move as stress-free and successful as possible. 


Book Your Flights

If you haven’t yet, be sure to book your flights. You should plan to arrive in St. Kitts the weekend of August 26 and be ready to begin new student orientation on August 29.

Classes begin on Monday, September 5, 2022. 

Return Flight:

You must book a flight reservation to leave at the end of the Fall 2022 semester. We recommend purchasing a flexible/refundable return ticket in case your plans change. Here is a helpful checklist of what you will need:

  • Your name must be visible (printed) on the itinerary.
  • Your reservation must be confirmed (not showing “pending”).
  • Your confirmation/reservation code must be visible.
  • Print your travel itinerary and put it along with your other visa documents

If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be subject to a minimum of 7-days quarantine with a negative Covid test on day 8. You should plan to arrive earlier and be out of quarantine before Monday, August 29. A list of quarantine hotels is listed on the St. Kitts Tourism page.

Vaccine Compliance

As a university dedicated to preparing practice-ready veterinary professionals, Ross Vet requires vaccination against COVID-19.* This helps us prioritize the health and safety of our students, colleagues, and community while delivering your academic program. You can read more about our policy and COVID-19 safety measures on our website.

To comply with our COVID-19 vaccination policy, please follow these steps as soon as possible and by no later than September 2, 2022:

  1. Download the RUSVM Safe App (not to be confused with the RUSM Safe App from our sister school)
  2. Upload your proof of vaccination OR apply for an exemption or accommodation and select that option in the Safe App

Students who have not achieved compliance, or requested an
exemption or accommodation, by September 2 will have their fall
semester registration removed. This will result in being unable to attend fall classes and/or receive financial aid.

How to Upload Your Proof of Vaccination

Download the RUSVM Safe App to your phone or tablet from Google Play™ or the Apple® App Store. Once the app is open, click on the Vaccine Passport button and follow the steps to upload your proof of vaccination.

See Quick Reference Guide 

NOTE: To use the RUSVM Safe App, you need to log in through single sign-on (SSO) using your official RUSVM email address and password. Credentials are emails from the  RUSVM IT Department. If you haven't already, follow these instructions to reset your temporary password before signing into the RUSVM Safe App.

If you believe you meet our policy's criteria for accommodation or exemption, send an email to outlining your reasons along with any supporting documentation (e.g., paperwork from a healthcare provider). Requests will be reviewed, and an answer given within 3-5 business days. You still need to log into the RUSVM Safe App and note that you have applied for an exemption or accommodation.

If you experience any technical issues while accessing the Safe App, contact

*By fully vaccinated we mean two weeks have passed since you had your single (J&J) dose or two (Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm-BBIBP, and CoronaVac) doses.

White Coat Order

Your White Coat Ceremony officially welcomes you to Ross Vet and entrance to the veterinary profession. The ceremony symbolizes the importance of professionalism and ethical values as key elements in becoming a veterinarian.

All students are required to pre-order their white coats before their arrival on the island.  If you have not done so yet, please click the link below to view a size chart (sizes run a bit big) and order form for your white coat. 

WHITE COAT ORDER FORM  (please click)

Please select September as your semester.

***If you are an incoming Vet Prep student, please select January as your semester as that is when your White Coat Ceremony will be held should you successfully pass and advance to semester one.

Should you have any trouble with the form, please contact Dereka Thompson, as soon as possible. 

Complete Your Visa Documentation

As part of your transition, you will need to complete your visa requirements as soon as possible.  You will find the student visa application, a sample application, and your health certificate templates in the original email sent to you. You will need to download, print, and complete your student visa application and health certificate. We have linked to a PowerPoint deck that may help you complete your required documents. The presentation walks you through the application step-by-step and I highly encourage you to use this as your guide as you obtain all required documentation. IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions included in the PowerPoint presentation and NOT on the back of the student visa application form.

Visa Powerpoint deck pdf


Please be sure that all of the requirements have been completed and ensure that all documents are in English or translated into English.

For your student visa, please obtain the following documents:

  • Passport-must not expire in the next 6 months, photocopy must be notarized
  • Visa Application
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Proof of funding
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Police report or background check-within the past 6 months
  • Birth Certificate - a photocopy must be notarized
  • Marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable)- photocopy must be notarized
  • Health Certificate-showing 2 MMR Vaccine dates, 3 Hep B dates, and Polio
  • VDRL/RPR Test AND TB/ PPD Test-within the past 6 months

Photocopies or screenshots of all listed documents should be emailed to Bill Bingham at AND Justin Taras at for review and processing at least one month before your arrival. If any documents are missing or incorrect, you will be informed by email. 

Once you have confirmation that your visa requirements are correct, be sure to gather the original documents and photocopies and place them in a folder or envelope. You will need these documents once you get to St. Kitts. We recommend you bring these documents in your carry-on.

Visa Policies for Non-Students

U.S. visitors to St. Kitts and Nevis may receive up to six (6) months upon entry before they are required to obtain a visa. Other countries vary from one month to three months. At the end of the six (6) months, U.S. visitors are required to obtain a visitor’s visa if they wish to continue residing on the island.  

Your spouse/partner/others are expected to leave St. Kitts at the same time as you at the end of your period of study on the island. Your spouse/partner/others are not permitted to work on the island without a work permit.

The following items are to be presented to Administration for the Visa Application process:

  • Application form
  • Passport  
  • Passport-sized photo  
  • Visa Application fee  
  • Travel Itinerary  
  • Marriage certificate OR divorce decree (if applicable)


Make a photocopy of your passport’s data page and have it notarized. You must have your passport with you to have the copy notarized. Ensure your passport will not expire in the next six months.

Visa Application

Print the application front and back on ONE sheet. Complete both sides of the application in black or blue ink only. Remember: Do not follow the instructions on the back of the visa application – use the PowerPoint instructions instead.

Passport-Sized Photo

Obtain a passport-size photo (2x2). Retailers like Walmart®, CVS®, or Walgreens® can help. Write your first and last name on the back of the photo.

Proof of Funding

You must provide proof of having a minimum of US$10,000 or more to help with living expenses while on the island. There are three options available to provide proof. Providing proof of financial aid is the most common option and you will be provided instructions for emailing your award history to the University for this option. Should you choose the other two options, we have provided a sample letter and additional instructions in the PowerPoint for you to follow.

Travel Itinerary

You must book a flight reservation to leave the island any time after the end of the Fall 2022 semester in December. Here is a helpful checklist of what you will need:

  • You MUST book a flight reservation to leave the island any time after the end of the Fall 2022 semester (December).
  • Your name must be visible (printed) on the itinerary.
  • Your reservation must be confirmed (not showing “pending”).
  • Your confirmation/reservation code must be visible.
  • Print your travel itinerary and put it along with your other visa documents.

Police Report or Background Check

You must obtain a letter from one of the following: your local police department or precinct, state police, county police, or criminal justice department. The letter must be signed by the person who prepared it and must not be older than six months.

Government online background checks are accepted. Your background check must come from an authentic FBI, state, or government website only. Please note, that all states offer this service.

Birth Certificate

Make a photocopy of your birth certificate and have it notarized. You must have your original birth certificate with you to have the copy notarized.

Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree (if applicable)

Make a photocopy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree if your name is different than what is on your birth certificate and/or passport and have it notarized. You must have your original marriage certificate or divorce decree with you to have the copy notarized.

Health Records

You are required to have three (3) vaccinations and two (2) tests for your student visa.


  • MMR – 2 vaccination dates
  • Hep B – 3 vaccination dates
  • Polio – 1 or more vaccination dates

Tests (within the past 6 months):

  • TB
  • RPR/VDRL/Syphilis

Your health provider must complete the health certificate. They must sign and stamp the bottom of the certificate.

Visa Application Fee

You will be charged a US$150 visa application fee. This fee will be charged directly to your student account. Do not mail in your fee.


Be sure to gather the original documents and photocopies and place them in a folder or envelope. You will need these documents once you get to St. Kitts. We recommend you bring these documents in your carry-on.


Your student visa will be processed by the Ministry of National Security in St. Kitts AFTER you have arrived on the island. You will be asked to submit your passport and it will be returned to you with an official student visa stamp affixed to it. The visa will be valid for the duration of your studies on the island.

For any questions or concerns about the student visa process, please contact Colleen Govia at

Secure Your Housing

Incoming students are encouraged to live on campus for their first term only as space permits. Students with a family, children, a pet over 35lbs, or with multiple pets must live off-campus. Students with a special request could also live off-campus.

On-Campus Housing: For students who apply to live on campus, your application will be handled on a first come first served basis and as space permits. Applications are due by June 10, 2022. Once we have reached our capacity on campus, the remaining students will be notified via email that they must find housing off-campus. You may contact Dereka Thompson at for any of your application questions.

Access your Housing Application

Off-Campus Housing: For our incoming students, off-campus housing is also an option. Many students live off-campus for their first term. 

When looking for an apartment off-campus:

  1. Determine your budget
  2. Decide whether you want to live alone or with a roommate
  3. Determine the location where you want to live (i.e. near the campus or further away). RUSVM maintains a list of properties located further away from campus and for these properties, you will need to consider transportation -  Rossie Shuttle Service or alternate transportation options. 

Begin your search for housing by doing the following:

  • Go to the Off-Campus Housing 101 (OCH101 - ) website. The website lists only apartments that have been inspected by our Housing and Security team. Apartments not found on our website do not guarantee our housing and security standards.
  • Click on MyRoss (click here) at the very top left corner of the page
  • Log in to MyRoss with your student ID# and password.

Andrea Liburd is available to assist you with your off-campus housing search.

Bringing your Pet

Our Campus Living Pet-Friendly Program allows a limited number of new incoming students to live on campus with ONLY ONE authorized pet (under 35lbs). Students with a pet who qualify will be housed on a first come first serve basis and as space permits. You will receive an email from our office letting you know if your pet qualifies to live on campus. Once your pet has been confirmed to live on campus, please follow the instructions in the link below and please correspond with the CVO’s Office on all pet-related matters/questions/follow-ups.

Students with multiple pets and/or who have pets over 35lbs are required to live off-campus. Please follow the instructions in the link below and please correspond with the CVO’s Office on all pet-related matters/questions/follow-ups.

Be sure to reference for information on moving with your pet.

What to Bring and How to Ship It

Every day and household items can be found in shops and stores around St. Kitts. Household items such as fans, cooking items, hangers, shower curtains, linens, and towels are readily available. However, if you have favorite hygiene products or toiletries (including things like contact lenses), you may wish to bring those with you.  Once you’re on the island, you will also find that many of your upper-semester colleagues will be selling many of the things you need as they prepare to leave the island. 

And while you don’t need to purchase books for your classes, before you depart for St. Kitt, double-check you have your semester supplies list to make sure you have the basics. 

How to Ship

You can ship your items to the island using the following companies: 

  • Tropical Shipping in Miami, 1-305-805-7400, (your packages will arrive at the port by ship)
  • AmeriJet which flies to St. Kitts, 800-927-6059, (your packages will arrive at the airport)

You can use the following brokers to clear your items:

  • Royal Logistics - 869 465 5055
  • Hobson Enterprises - 869 465 8753

Give the shipping vendor your shipment destination and your arrival date. They will provide you with an estimated shipping date for your items.  

Indicate that your contents are “Used Clothing/Items.”

Yep, Amazon delivers to St. Kitts

FedEx, DHL, UPS, and even Amazon all ship to St. Kitts. Though in most instances, packages arrive quickly, there may be times where packages may be delayed due to customs. Tip:  Save yourself some money, there is no overnight shipping to St. Kitts. If you ship using any of these companies, your packages will arrive at the airport. A broker can be used, but you can also pick them up yourself.

Need more information on moving to the island? Check out our Traveling & Moving to St. Kitts webpage.

Payment Considerations: Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

On St. Kitts, most places will provide pricing in both US and EC dollars. If you pay in US dollars you may get change back in EC dollars. The rate of exchange is about 2.7 EC dollars to 1 US dollar. The rate of exchange does not fluctuate much.

Bank Accounts:

Why open a bank account on the island?

  • Students who do not set up Direct Deposit must open a bank account on the island. Direct Deposit applies only to students with a U.S. bank account
  •  A local bank account is another option to pay your landlord the rent check monthly or semesterly
  •  A local bank account may help you reduce/avoid ATM and bank fees

If you decide to not open a bank account, you may still use a credit card or debit card. We encourage you to investigate your bank’s policies for charging ATM and international fees. If your bank doesn’t charge international fees, you may consider pulling a cash or wire transfer for rent and utilities. 

Typically, Republic Bank requires that students wishing to open a bank account already have their student visa stamp in their passport. However, to expedite this process, the Housing Office is required to provide the bank with a list of the names of students who have submitted all of their student visa paperwork. Once our office has submitted your name to the bank, we will let you know via email.

Credit Cards:

Mastercard and Visa are the most widely accepted credit cards on the island. American Express and Discover cards are less commonly used and you may have challenges finding a business that will accept them. 


Completing Your St. Kitts Entry Form

All portions of the survey should be completed before you depart for St. Kitts. To board your flight, you will need to have an approval letter from the St. Kitts Government. If you test positive for COVID-19, please notify David Satterlee, Director of Student Experience, at

Effective Friday, April 1, rapid antigen testing will be an accepted form of COVID-19 testing.  Air travelers returning to St. Kitts and Nevis are permitted to submit and travel with a negative rapid antigen test for COVID-19 taken within 24 hours of traveling. This updated protocol is an alternative option to a PCR test taken 72 hours of traveling, which is still accepted for re-entry. Rapid antigen tests must be administered by a healthcare provider at an approved lab or testing facility. Self-administered or home test kits using saliva samples will not be accepted.  

Before you depart for St. Kitts, it is important to review and complete the government-required entry form. To assist you as you complete this survey, we have provided step-by-step instructions. Please follow these instructions carefully and refer back to them as necessary.

Re-Entry Form Instructions PDF

As a reminder, to gain approval from the St. Kitts government to enter the country, this travel form must be completed in its entirety. You may start the process at any time and come back to upload your COVID-19 test results before your flight.

We encourage you to monitor the St. Kitts Tourism webpage for information and updates.

Should you have issues completing your form, please reach out to Rae-Gean Jenkins, Senior Project Coordinator, Campus Operations.


General Arrival at the Airport

Rossies that have submitted their travel information and are arriving the weekend of August 26-28 will be greeted by RUSVM staff and Orientation Leaders at the airport. Transportation will be provided for students only to campus or to your off-campus apartment. Family and loved ones accompanying you must arrange their own transportation.

Helpful Hints At Airport:

•Take the Visitors line to get to Immigration.
•Keep passport to show Immigration Officer.
•From the Immigration desk, go downstairs to Baggage Claim.
•If traveling with a pet, pet should be crated. CVO will meet pet owners in the Baggage Hall to inspect pet. Please wait for CVO to arrive.
•Take luggage across to Customs check point in the Baggage Claim Hall.
•Baggage porters available just behind Customs desks.
•Pay Porters if you need their service - US$2 per bag
Transportation from the Airport to Campus

Transportation will be provided for students arriving on the island between August 26, 2022, and August 28, 2022.  You will be transported to the campus for check-in. Off-campus students will be transported from the airport to their respective apartments in the community. 

If you arrive with a guest, your guest will need to arrange separate transportation from the airport. Taxis are available on the ground at the airport. Please have cash on hand to pay for taxis and transportation.

Tips for Transition to St. Kitts/Parents and Spouses

Learn more about transitioning to St. Kitts. Listen to a presentation from the Director of Student Experience David Satterlee.

Parent’s/Spouses-20220420 2300-1


Orientation schedule

Friday, August 26 through August 28- Flight arrivals and move in

Monday, August 29

  • 9am Grab-n-go breakfast in Auditorium
  • 10am Welcome to St. Kitts presentation in Auditorium
  • 11am Safety and Security presentation in Auditorium
  • Noon Welcome lunch (grab-n-go) in Student Union

Tuesday, August 30

  • 9am Housing Presentations: Off-campus in Classroom 1, On-campus in Auditorium
  • 9am Parents and Family presentation in Classroom 2
  • 9am-10am VIP IDs in Auditorium
  • 9am-2pm Student IDs and driver's licenses

Wednesday, August 31

  • 7am Thrive workout with Stormm Cerellli at the soccer field
  • Various Campus and Island Tours day
  • 5pm The Retreat with all OL groups

Thursday, September 1

  • 7am Thrive Hike
  • Various Open Day with OLs

Friday, September 2

  • 9am Grab-n-go breakfast in the Student Union
  • 10am 1st semester iPad training in Auditorium, Vet Prep OL session in Classroom 1
  • 11am Expectations session with Dr. Karnick and Mr. Satterlee in Auditorium
  • 3pm Class schedules released in e*value

Saturday, September 3

Orientation Reggae Beach Day!

Sunday, September 4

Time on your own/Rest day

Monday, September 5

First Day of Classes!


For ID Photos:

  1. Sleeveless tops are not allowed
  2. White tops class in the background
  3. A valid photo ID must be present
Academic Technology

RUSVM uses the following academic technology software platforms:

  • Canvas ‐ learning management system
  • Canvas WebEx - remote lecture tool
  • VitalSource and Bookshelf ‐ eBooks application     
  • Poll Everywhere ‐ student engagement application

You will gain access to Canvas no later than Wednesday, May 4, 2022. At this time, you will receive notice that your Canvas Account has been set up. 


Enter the following URL in the address bar of an internet browser: This will take you to the Adtalem Sign-In Page.

Sign in to the Adtalem Page using the following instructions:

  1. Enter your username: firstnamelastname (No spaces)
  2. Enter your RUSVM Password
  3. Click Sign In
  4. You will land on the Canvas Dashboard. Click the Accept button to accept enrollment in the Technology Orientation course

We are pleased to introduce our new Orientation Course on Canvas. The course is a collection of how-to guides, videos, and information on student services, all geared towards orienting you to our technology platforms, and student life at Ross Vet.

The course is self-paced, and on completion, you will be able to set up your iPad® and create accounts for Vital Source, Panopto, and Poll Everywhere. You will also learn how to connect to online lectures using our online Webex lecture tool. Starting at the Welcome module, please complete each module before moving on to the next. You are urged to complete the course before the start of the semester.

Poll Everywhere

You will receive an email from Poll Everywhere inviting you to set up a Poll Everywhere account. Please be sure that your Ross Vet email address is your default email on Canvas. You will experience conflicts with your Poll Everywhere account if these addresses are different. 

You will receive an invitation to create your Poll Everywhere student account on Friday, May 6, 2022.

Our Academic Technology team is ready to resolve student issues and to answer any questions or concerns. Should you have questions or experience difficulties accessing your Canvas account, email


Instructions for Opening a Bank Account
  • You are advised to contact the bank of your choice to schedule an appointment to open your account. Be sure to leave plenty of time for this appointment.
  • Republic Bank: 465-4141 (Fort Street Branch) or 466-6161 (Bird Rock Branch – next to RAMs Supermarket)

If you wish to open a bank account, please note the following requirements:

An introductory letter from the Housing Office is required by the bank for each student wishing to open an account. We can email it to you ahead of your visit to the bank. When requesting a letter, please be sure to provide the following information: 

  • Your full name
  • Your current semester and date of arrival on the island
  • Your full address on island and the length of said lease (when does it expire) if you are living off-campus
  • Date you are expecting to leave the island (for Clinicals)
  • Whether you receive student financial aid or private funding. 

The bank may also require a signed copy of your lease (if staying off-campus), so please take it to the bank with you. 

ALL students will need to provide two (2) forms of ID (usually a passport and another government-issued ID). One form of identification must show your place of birth.

ALL students will need to complete FATCA forms which will require a Social Security Number (even non-Americans) showing that they are paying income tax in their home country. These forms will be given to you at the bank when you go to open the account.

Students not receiving Financial Aid will require proof of financial support. For example, if a parent is funding the student’s tuition, the parent must write a letter stating such, and proof of income for the parent will be required. If the student is funding tuition, the student must also provide proof of income, savings, etc. (a copy of a bank statement could also be used for proof of income). Please note that the bank reserves the right to request additional information (as it deems necessary) to open the account.  

Purchasing a Vehicle

St. Kitts is a small island, but having transportation is still important. No one ships the car they own in St. Kitts back home, nor does anyone ship cars from the United States. Before moving to St. Kitts, it is important to understand how to purchase vehicles on the island.

Visit for more information on purchasing a car.

Car Insurance Requirements

If you will be purchasing a car on the island, you are required to purchase motor vehicle insurance from one of the local insurance companies.  The insurance companies may require an introductory letter from the Housing Office. Your off-campus lease may also be used in some instances if you have one available. 

If you wish to purchase motor vehicle insurance, please reach out to Dereka Thompson at with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address on the island (as shown on your lease). If you have a signed copy of your lease, it would be good to take it with you as well. 
  • The insurance company you have selected (if you have already made a decision).
  • Date of lease expiration
  • Expected departure date from St. Kitts

Some local insurance companies to consider: 

  • TDC Insurance Company – 465-2845 (located on Central Street)
  • ICWI (Insurance Company of the West Indies) – 466-2490 (BirdRock)National Caribbean Insurance (NCI) – 4665-5345 (Church Street)
  • Delisle Walwyn & Company Ltd. – 465-2631 (Liverpool Row)
  • NAGICO Insurances – 466-2262 (Bladen Commercial Development)
  • 6Guardian General Insurance (Horsfords) – 465-9355 (Wellington Road)
COVID-19 Student Resource Guide

Campus Health Services is working with other departments across Ross Vet to ensure you have the latest information about COVID-19, including campus and island-wide mitigation protocols. The pandemic is still a very fluid situation and we are guided by the local government officials here on St. Kitts and Nevis – which may issue new protocols if needed. Please bookmark this guide for information specific to our Ross Vet student population, including precautions you should be taking and what to do if you think you may have COVID-19. 

Link to COVID-19 Resource Guide Pdf

Cell Phone Considerations

Students are welcome to bring along and use their smartphones on the island. However, there is no guarantee that your phone service will be compatible with the cellular service on the island.  

Here is some feedback from current students who use their smartphones on the island:

  1. I have a T-mobile phone account that has international capabilities.
  2. I access Facebook, Whatsapp, WiFi calling, texting messenger only through WiFi on campus or anywhere else with WiFi.
  3. I keep the phone on airplane mode at all times except for when away from WiFi and need to make a call…then pay the service fee later.
  4. I use the local SIM card which can be obtained (free of charge) at the Housing Office on campus for local, international, emergency calls if away from WiFi. (see below for one month Quick Pick Bundle Plan). After the plan has expired, the student is responsible to “pay as you go.”

Consider asking your cellphone service provider about an international phone plan option. You may also wish to obtain a local SIM card to use with your smartphone.

If Using a Local SIM Card with your Smart Phone

RUSVM will provide a free SIM card (value EC$50). You may request a local SIM card through your Orientation Leader or the Housing Office

  1. The smartphone must be unlocked. What is an unlocked cellular phone?  It is a phone which is not tied to a specific carrier. You can simply slide in a SIM card from any wireless carrier use it to make calls and send messages.
  2. The unlocked cellular phone must be a tri-band or a quad-band phone and it must use a SIM card.
  3. Unlocked phone must be able to operate on the following frequencies:

900Mhz ..........GSM

                             1900Mhz .......WCDMA

  1. It is better if the handset is from ATT or T-Mobile network.

It is best if your mobile device can hold and use two different SIM cards at once. This way you can keep your own SIM card in one slot and insert the local SIM card (from Digicel) in the other slot. If your phone can hold only one SIM card, it means that you will have to remove your SIM card to insert the local SIM card each time.

  • Cellular phones with data capability can be purchased at a Digicel store in Basseterre starting from US$99+
  • 10% off any handset purchased storewide with the presentation of Student ID.

If you do not have a local SIM card

  • This means that the phone is usually “locked” to a particular phone carrier. The phone can only be used on a specific carrier's network, so you will not be able to switch to another carrier without first “unlocking” it. Check with your phone service provider to determine what it entails to unlock your phone so that you can use it locally as well.
  • Local (St. Kitts) businesses like The Cable Co., internet providers, taxis, etc. will not return your call if you are using your U.S. cell number. They will only return your call if you are using a St. Kitts local number/SIM card.
  • You are not able to receive the campus Siren alerts which are sent via a student’s local number. Siren alerts are also sent via email, but you may be overlooked.