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Welcome to Ross Prep

We welcome children of all ability, gender, national origin, and race.

At Ross Preparatory School for children at RUSVM you are part of a warm, welcoming environment that nurtures learning and self-worth while instilling self-discipline and a sense of global awareness and responsibility. You will not only find age-appropriate, rigorous, and relevant curriculum for your child but also dedicated staff who take the time to know you and your child. Our cross-grade groupings, small classes, and student-centered classrooms make up the foundations of our education program and complement our diverse community.

We anticipate a great year of exploring our curriculum, learning about our friends and this beautiful island that we call home, even if for some it’s temporary. My team and I love being a part of this community and we are dedicated to working cohesively with you - our community partners. Our overall goal is to ensure the holistic welfare of your child and working together we cannot fail.


Michelle Phillip-Mitchell

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Ross Prep Admissions Policy

There is no deadline to submit an application. It is in the best interest of your child, however, to complete an application as early as possible because some grade levels tend to fill up quickly. Special arrangements can be made for students who are beyond grade eight.

The Ross Prep admissions process is complete only when the application and all the required documents have been provided to the school.

The following must be received for each applicant:

  • Completed application
  • Copy of the first two pages of the passport
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Official school records from previous years, if applicable
  • Completed medical form
  • Copy of Immunization record
  • Student release form
  • A signed statement from parents and students that they have read the Parent-Student Handbook
  • Map of directions to the family home in St. Kitts



Enrollment is limited at Ross Prep and is based on available class size, space, and personnel.
Priority will be given to students as described.

Priority I
All children and legal dependents of RUSVM faculty and students of one-parent families will be accepted.
Priority II
Children and legal dependents of RUSVM faculty and students in two-parent families where one parent is not a student or faculty member at Ross.
Priority III
Children and legal dependents of RUSVM staff members.
Priority IV
Other children from the St. Kitts community as determined by the superintendent.

Priority I
All children and legal dependents of RUSVM faculty and students will be accepted, provided the child does not have challenges that cannot be met at the school. The superintendent will make the final decision.
Priority II
Children and legal dependents of RUSVM staff members.
Priority III
Children not connected to RUSVM who can satisfactorily demonstrate the need for a U.S.-style curriculum. Documentation could include records showing the student has come from a U.S. school and/or information stating they will be transferring to a school with a US curriculum. Acceptance is at the discretion of the superintendent and will be dependent upon space, teachers, grade level, welfare of the student population, and any other factors deemed appropriate. Siblings of currently enrolled students will be considered first within this category. New applicants transferring from a recognized international school will have the next priority within this category.


Ross Prep has developed plans for a variety of emergency situations. In addition to any “natural” emergencies, we have established a “lock-down” system and have supplies stored in case of an extended emergency. The teaching staff and children practice fire drills and are taught what to do in case of emergencies.

In case of an emergency situation, we will follow RUSVM’s response for class cancelations or school closures. There may be instances when it is determined the child should stay home even if RUSVM remains open. Parents will be notified in these instances.

It is essential for the school to be able to contact a parent or guardian in case of emergency. We require that you provide a cell phone number and an office or home phone number we can contact you at. We also ask that you provide an alternate contact such as a designated neighbor or friend. A map to your home should also be on file with us. Changes of address or phone numbers should be reported to the school immediately following the change.

If you are going to be off-island and someone else is to be responsible for your child, the Superintendent should be notified in advance.


School Hours

Standard school hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

After School program hours are from 3:10 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Students should not arrive before 7:30 a.m. Students will walk with their teacher in class groups from their classroom to the library for assembly.

Being punctual is an important part of being successful in school and in life. The beginning of the day sets the pace for the remainder of the day and parents are encouraged to have their children at school on time.


Daycare and preschool children must be picked up promptly at 3:00 p.m.

Our K-8 students may remain for afterschool activities and clubs must be picked upon later than 5:00 pm. We offer an afterschool program for parents who are in classes or labs with children in K-8.

If students plan to leave campus with anyone other than a parent, the parents must give permission directly to the teacher in charge or a member of the administrative team.

Student Absences, Illness, and Planned Early Dismissals

If your child is ill, please notify your child’s teacher. Children with colds and communicable illnesses should be kept home for their best interest as well as that of the other students. When a student misses school, the teacher will determine what, if any, work needs to be made up. Deadlines will be provided, and you are encouraged to work closely with your child to complete the work.  

For planned absences, parents must notify the school in writing at least five school days in advance if it is expected a student will be absent for an extended period of time (i.e., more than two days). Make-up work will be assigned at that time. All make-up work is to be completed prior to the student’s return to school.

If it is necessary for a student to leave early, the student must bring a written request from the parent or guardian to school. The following information should be included with the request:

  1. Student name.

  2. Time of dismissal.

  3. Time of return.

  4. Reason for request.

  5. Signature of parent/guardian.

We ask that you make medical and dental appointments after school hours, on weekends, or on mid-semester break days whenever possible.

Afterschool Program

Ross Prep offers an afterschool program designed specifically for the K-8 children of parents who are in classes or labs in the afternoon, from 3:10 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Children in the afterschool program must stay with the teacher in charge.

If children in daycare through Pre-K are staying beyond 3:10 please ensure that you have signed up on the afterschool sheet in their room.  This will allow for adequate staffing. 

General Dress Code

Students are expected to come to school in appropriate attire for classroom learning.

  • Ross Prep requires a prep school shirt and khaki pants, skirt, or moderate length shorts.
  • Hats and other belongings with profanity or advertisements of tobacco, alcohol, or violence are prohibited.
  • Hats may not be worn inside the school building.
  • If a student is not dressed appropriately for school, he/she will be asked to change clothing.

A catered lunch option is provided to students at a minimal cost on selected days each week. Students may also bring a bag lunch if they choose. A monthly sign-up sheet will be sent home.

Drinks and Snacks

Students will have a snack break in the morning. During this time students are allowed snacks brought from home. Parents are encouraged to send healthy snacks (fruit, crackers, granola bars, etc.).

Sun Protection

Because the children are in the intense sun whenever they are outside in the Caribbean, please be reminded of the importance to assure your children are protected with sunscreen when they arrive at school. We ask that you keep a container of sunscreen (with name clearly on it) at school. It is also recommended that children’s eyes and heads be protected with sunglasses and hats.

Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is the official organization of school volunteers. The PTA provides volunteer opportunities to teachers and parents and serves as an advocacy group to support students and staff. The PTA works closely with the superintendent of the prep school.

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High quality care and education for children.